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C. Murder was born at Kumasi, Asafo Y.F on the 21st. Aug. 1982. He was with his mom and dad. He started primary school at Royal International, after Royal, he went to Amankwatia J.S.S and after the J.S.S level he went to Osei Tutu S.S.

However, his mom and dad separated when he was at primary two, his mother moved to Roman Hill, Kumasi. C. Murder decided to stay in Asafo Y.F and travel frequently to Roman Hill to spend time with his mom. His mother did agree it was important for him to stay in school and grow up with his father. but his father took him to his stepmother’s house at Stadium, Lobito to stay there. Murder started fooling around with the area guys so his stepmother asks his father to take him to Roman Hill to stay with his mom.

His mother travelled so she left Murder with his Antis. There was the place the game started. Murder entered music industry but it was not easy till he form a group known as No Limit Squard but later he turn it to Crazy Clan Family because they were wanted and the police know they call No Limit Squad that is why he change it. C Murder and one of the crazy clan family member C. Kuku release an album Topaee, with a name (Abofoo) That was Crazy clan family first released. Topaee including songs like Yenyinaa Abo Pepeepe,
Abrewa Azaa and see here.

Abofoo released in 2003, Recorded HIT DIGITAL PRODUCTION in
Kumasi - Asokwa - Ghana, Programmed and engineered by Charles
Produced by Twikwad Production
Distributed by Kumasi Market

All songs written and composed by C. Murder and C-Kuku (Abofoo)

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