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Bibie Brew
Her bright eyes and friendly smile haven’t changed. As she speaks, a slight accent pierces through the melody of her smooth voice. With a natural elegance and warmness about her, she looks tranquil and serene, after being away for a while, Bibie’s back; it’s a brand new beginning, a new record company, a beautiful new album “Sereine”, which translates a new state of mind.

FLASHBACK… 1985 Bibie, 25 years arrives in Paris. Heiress from a long tradition of travellers (she’s a diplomat’s daughter) and artiste from Ghana. She’s a young artiste acquainted with musicians in the world of music. Barely a week in France, and already events begin to unfold. One of her friends Jean Paul Dreau, a famous author/composer had just written a song, and had invited her to try her voice on it. “Going back to that incredible moments, she remembers smiling, I could read and communicate reasonably in French, but to sing?! Well, it was a wonderful discovery for me too. We recorded it and I sang a single take as a Demo.” The rest is the story of “Tout Doucement.”

“Soon after, I then met, the next two wonderful people I know Jean Paul Malek and Max Amphoux.” Both producers, who decided to release the song ‘Tout Doucement’ which became an enormous hit, and has remained so to this day. The song topped the charts and record sales for weeks. ‘Tout Doucement’ sold over a million copies and still continues to sell. It was soon followed by a 2nd hit song “J’veux pas I’savoir” also in French and, it also topping sales at 500,000 records sold.

In a matter of weeks, she’d become famous, although she was still acquainting herself with the language and the French culture.” I was living a magical experience yet a bit difficult to control. Things moved on so fast, it was unusual, and hard to describe in words. People knew me everywhere overnight. She went on to win awards and was recognised to have distinguished her self on various platforms.

TURNING POINT Over the last 10 years a lot of amazing life stories are going on and taking place in her life. As Bibie prepares she’s often at home in Accra, Ghana, “it keeps me grounded and in contact with my family in Africa, and more so, about understanding who I am. So, I write I do, its good therapy for me, transferring my thoughts on paper, into music/songs.

By 2000 she started to compile her songs for recording, and with her producer, together decided to start work on her new album, starting by translating some of her songs from English to French, and also take decisions on whom to collaborate with. It is a whole new chapter of its own, because, out of this has sprung wonderful interactions. With talent such as that of Manault Deva, a beautiful Author/Actress and Angel Ahz an incredibly gifted composer/author musical director and not forgetting Christophe Poupinet whose genuine enthusiasm and artistic direction is sincerely appreciated. There is also a beautiful due with singer Murray Head, a warm moment together on the album, on one of his tunes known as “Never Even Thought”

Bibie was a Resident Judge on one of Ghana’s finest Music Reality Shows “Stars of the Future” for three years running. She is currently on the panel of Judges for the MTN sponsored “Project Fame” in Nigeria. Bibie has recently been associated with the Musicians Association of Ghana, she also runs an Arts Café in Accra Called The New Morning where is gives young talents the opportunity to showcase their talents in the arts to her high profiled patrons from Embassies and Foreign Missions across Ghana and other notable individuals and groups.

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