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Bra Kevin Beats
Bra Kevin Beats
Bra Kevin Beats was born in Accra, Ghana in May 1989. bra Kevin began experimenting with music (rap music) at the age of 10, inspired by his uncle Anom who used to be a rapper back in the day (now a TV presenter) and rewriting the lyrics of his favorite artistes. In junior high school, bra Kevin spent his spare time using his school’s entertainment equipments to hone his music production skills and later he would later go on to form his first rap group D.OG.

In senior secondary school, He started another rap group after D.O.G, broke up since all members ended up in different senior secondary schools. bra Kevin, founder and the only junior student in his new group, made sure his group performed actively and consistently on various talent and hip hop shows organized within the school and in also in the local communities in his neighborhood.

After graduating from school, he pursued a career in music production, making beats for his new group “ill gutters” which was made up of Padlock now known as T.J.Humphery, Baza now known as Slick Willy and Martin Gold who is now into magazine printing. Since all members attended secondary schools in the Eastern Region of Ghana, they performed in almost every school in the east region of Ghana and will go onto gaining a lot of popularity among students with their banging high school hit “soldier” produced by Jayso and few other songs on their first mixtape.

bra Kevin who at this point had established a great relationship with Jayso, joined the Skillions. Padlock, lil Shaker and other members will later join the Skillions and thus Skillions New Generation was formed consisting of 9 rappers and 1 singer. Their first mixtape “The New Generation Mixtape” was the defining moment for most members of the group especially Kevin and Lil Shaker who were very influential in the production of the mixtape.

After the release of “The New Generation Mixtape” mixtape, Kevin dropped his first ever solo single, “Riddle Riddle”, which received massive airplay throughout Ghana , and especially on most radio morning shows which discussed politics and current affairs due to its hard lyrical content and with a concept based on political satire which everyone in the country could relate to. He has appeared on almost every hit mixtape in the country and working with established and up and coming artistes like Jtown (No Mask), Klu Babe (I am Klu Babe), Lil Shaker (The Birthday Mixtape) just to mention a few. He also recently featured on the latest D-Black album Music, Love & Life.

bra Kevin has recently signed a recording deal with Cryme Records and is set to release his first solo project under his new label titled ’16 in 1’. In October 2010, bra Kevin Beats released his first ever video, 3 Headed Beast (Freestyle) which has received massive airplay on TV throughout Ghana and is also in circulation on the continent on such premiere video channels such as MTVBase and Channel O.

Having dominated the underground scene in the last 5 years, bra Kevin Beats is ready to raise the bar in standards in the music industry in Ghana and beyond her borders. His forthcoming debut release ’16 in 1’ is one of the most anticipated albums of all time.