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Buk Bak
Buk Bak was the first hiplife group to be successful with Ga lyrics in Ghana. They rap in Ga, Twi and Pidgin. It is made up of Bright Bling Sparkles and Ronnie Coches (their music names).

As of 2006, they are both pursuing individual projects. The original group had more members, some of which have formed groups like 4x4.

An original group of 4, Buk Bak first came into the limelight with their hit song, Komi ke kena (Ga for kenkey and fish). One of the members got into trouble with Adisadel College (a secondary school in Cape Coast) because he wore a school uniform in the Komi ke kena video.

A couple members of the original Buk Bak crew left for different reasons and Bright Bing Sparkles and Ronnie Coches. They went on to enhoy more success with albums like Awensem, Sika kokoo and Gold Coast. They also banded with groups like K-2 (Juliana) and 4x4 to release more hit trakcs.

In 2006, rumours of a split were mongered. Ronnie and Bright stated that the two were simply pursuing separate projects. Bright's debut album was highly successful with tracks like Condom and What dem plan.

Some of their hit songs are Gonja Barracks, Komi ke kena, Klu Blofo, Chingilingi, Kelewele, Trotro, Dienpo, Akwasi broni, Tankase, U 4 know say, Kakatsofa, Kakalika, Twen me, Akwele ne Akuokor, Yenko ne brebre, Ma me odo, Kululu, Bibini ba, etc

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