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Ghanaian singer/songwriter Chemphe (pronounce: chem-fe) introduces you to his own style of music which he calls Urban Life, a fusion of soulful R&B vocals and grooves from Ghana.

Chemphe is inspired about love, life and relationships. His debut album entitled 'No Pampanaa'G means 'No hide and seek games' in Twi, a widely spoken Ghanaian language.

In the title track 'No Pampanaa', Chemphe talks about love and commitment. The message in the music is this: if you love somebody, you should let the person know how much they mean to you and not play games with their heart. 'Why You Dey Treat Am Bad' is a reggae flavoured plea against domestic violence, an issue that is close to Chemphe's heart.

Chemphe also performs a song called 'Menka' (meaning 'Don't tell' in Twi) in which he sings about lovers keeping the secrets in their relationship.

Chemphe discovered his talent early in life while he was still in primary school leading the choir. Later he developed his rap and singing skills with a Ghanaian underground group called Outrageous.

For some years, he's been hard at work behind the scenes in Ghana, sharpening his composition skills and working on collaborations.

Soulful Chemphe is confident to score a mark on the entertainment scene and looks forward to the years ahead that will see him representing Ghana worldwide with his Urban Life brand.

The Ghanaian singer/songwriter's influences include R. Kelly, Craig David, Usher, Joe, Donnell Jones and Brain McKnight. Whether you're in the bedroom or on the dance-floor, Chemphe's passion-filled songs are guaranteed to make a deep impression on you.

What can you expect from Chemphe with his debut album 'No Pampanaa'? Just listen to the man himself: "...good quality music, something different which is soothing to the body and soul".