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Patrick Gogoh, popularly known as Chicago, is one of Ghana's finest Ewe rappers.

He worked with Ex Doe on Daavi medekuku (Girl, please give me some koko) which became a very successful song and thrust them both into the spotlight.

However, there were some misunderstandings over the rewards. Chicago is believed to have wrote all the verses even though the song was Ex-Doe's single.

He then came out with albums like Dzibodzi (Patience), Wobeko (You would go) and Daben (What day). Wobeko was a direct response to X-Doe's Maba (I have come) track which dissed Reggie Rockstone (Oseikrom president) and Chicago himself.

After his label's producer, Yakabams travelled to the US, he found it hard to find another record label and couldn't get any records out. He learnt to play the flute and the keyboard while forming a cultural group called the Efo Music Academy.

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