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Edyth was born on 9th august in 1982 in lagos, Nigeria to Ghanaian parents. However, she went to school in the Volta Region of Ghana where her parents hail from.

She had her Primary and Junior Secondary education at the Keta Roman Catholic Basic School and then to the Keta Business Secondary school.

Her interest in singing developed at School where she used to sing in the choir. She went on to sing in the church choir as a result of inspiration and motivation from her choir Director in school.

Edyth met Zapp Mallet, the ace music producer at a talent hunt show which did not take off. He asked to meet her and told her to bring along a demo C.D if she had one. At the studio, zapp listened to her voice and immediately he knew he had found what he was looking for, a female diva who sang in the Ewe dialect.

Then it began for her without hesitation Zapp went ahead to record Edyth and that was the beginning of a history in the making. I like the emotion in her voice and how she uses her voice structures. For a New Artiste she really has what it take to do bigger things. Zapp said of her.

Edyth writes some of her songs, a skill she’s working on intensely and hopes to enroll in Music School to study Composition. She draws her inspiration from God and her mother. Miss Victoria Montey, a nurse at the Wa General Hospital, Ghana.

Her debut album is a cross of different genres and she sings in Ewe and English. It was recorded at the Title Track studios under the stem supervision of Zapp. She dedicates this album to her father William Genegal who died in Lagos in March 2008

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