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Elivava, the second born of six children and the only girl child amongst five strong brothers has been singing and dancing since age seven. Her music rhythms are influenced by the Bwem people of Ghana.

Her inspiration is the almighty father and Her role models are South African vocalist and African music pioneer Mariam Makeba for her depth and music style, outstanding Jazz singer Billy Holiday for her uniqueness, phrasing and acute dramatic intensity and Blues Legend and greatest ambassador B.B.

King for his musical generosity to his musical compatriots and various band members.
In future Elivava plans to have her own recording studio in Ghana to help young talented people in the field of professional performance, especially in singing and dancing.

Elivava is from New Baika, Buem District of the Volta Region in Ghana, West Africa. She is currently based in Ghana's Capital city Accra. Elivava (a.k.a Tina Mensah) is the singer and song writer of her music. Managed under recording label and management company MOMA Music, Germany.

Elivava's music style is a pot pouri of Afro Rock, Afro Beat, and Soul with an underline easy listening World Music approach. The album is a collaboration of rhythmic, upbeat, as well as ballads of contemporary music styles which are performed in English, French, German, and the Ghanaian tongues of Twi, Ga and Ewe.

Elivava's role models are South Africa's most successful performer and vocalist Mariam Makeba, for her singing style, depth and boldness, in particular Makeba's ability to immerse herself into her songs. She also respects musical legend Billy Holiday, who Elivava used as her study piece whilst learning Jazz techniques and skills, her admiration for the outstanding Jazz singer grew from then.

Elivava has performed around the West Coast of Africa including her native land Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria.

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