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The Ghana Force (AKA G-Force) is a group of 5 young musicians, by the names of DJ Doctor Jay (Jason Mohan Daryanani), Killa Sniff (Vinay Gokaldas), Fish (Philemon A.) , 4nky Boi Roy ( Roy) and MC Master P (Haren Rajwani).

Although three of the members originate from the Indian sub-continent, they are based in the peaceful West African nation of Ghana , where they have been born and brought up.

From R&B to Hiplife to HipHop, the G-Force preach words of wisdom in their lyrics, aimed to edutain (educate and entertain) simultaneously. Their music blends the western sound of HipHop with traditional African horns and percussions, various ethnic drums bon gos.

Having 'breaking out of their shell' into the music industry in Easter 2006, they are known for their World Cup smash hit- THE OFFICIAL GHANA WORLD CUP ANTHEM entitled 'We Go Go! (Ye Be Ko)'.

This was a great inspiration for the Ghanaian National Football team, 'The Black Stars' at the World Cup Finals in Germany 2006 where the Black Stars lost their first match to Italy and then beat Czech Republic and the U.S.A. to get past group stages, and then loosing to world champions -Brazil.

G-Force is today a household name in Ghana and a positive force in society not just because they did a song to inspire the Black Stars before and during the 2006 World Cup tournament, but they also have consciously crafted lyrics to touch peoplesí hearts and minds to make the world a better place.

This has led to G-Force recently enjoying a lot of media attention on a local scale, in the capital city, Accra.

How it all began
The G-Force is the fun-loving brainchild of DJ Doctor Jay and Killa Sniff, who conceived the idea of a band at the tender age of 10 and 11. Their love for HipHop/R&B, the beats, the rhymes and the life has been the core of inspiration on their tracks and continues to be a major influence in their lives.

In December 2005, after a night out with friends, the two decided to rekindle old flames, and test their abilities once more. After about 2 hours at a home-studio in the early hours of the morning, the duo came out with the smooth R&B jam, "My One and Only".

With its content comprising of an honest personal encounter, the track caught the attention of businessman Mr. Raj Mohan, who urged the duo to pursue their talent with his support. Their first comission would be; to create an anthem for the Ghanaian Football Team.

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