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God's Elect
Preston Bampoe-Addo, known in the music circles as God's Elect is a Ghanaian Musician based in USA.

He was born in Washington DC, but his Parents are from Accra, Ghana. His Dad is from Mamprobi and his mum from Bukom.

Preston had his Primary education at the Montgomery College Quince Orchard High School.

Preston is married to Yesyrael Bampoe-Addo, and they are blessed with 3 Kidd, two boys and one girl.

His hobbies are playing pool and swimming.

These are his words for his fans;

"Just want the world to know that Christ will be returning soon, let's not put to much energy into material things here on earth but to keep in mind that our Lord has mansions an everlasting LIFE waiting for the faithful few.

If you need someone to trust, that will never turn HIS back on you and promises he will never leave you, try JESUS, He will never go back on HIS WORD! Thanks for the opportunity.

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