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Jon Germain
ĎThis Is Who I Am the albumí has been in the making since 1993 after Jon broke away from MGKK 4 in Ghana and the UK band Van Greene.

His formative years as an artiste were shaped by listening to a lot of Pop, Rock and Rnb music which were his fatherís favourite genre. He started writing songs since he was 12 years old and has written songs for MGKK and Van Greene.

Jonís musical influences come from Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Bruce Hornsby, Richard Marx, Peter Cetera Frankie Paul and Michael Bolton.

The Debut album soon to be released is a pop rock album with subtle traces of sultry rhythm and blues. ĎThis is who I amí (title of debut album) is a result of painstaking development and fine tuning of his talent spanning the past 16 years in which Jon has carved an image as an impeccable Television and Radio presenter. Even though his music career might come as a surprise to most people Jon emphasises the fact that presenting was just an accident and has served as a means to a much craved for end.

ĎThis is who I Am is because music is me, I am rock and pop and thatís all I live for,í reiterates Jon Germain. My songs are all based on emotions, and songs on this album are based on past relationships, hard times, the shocking passing away of my father and the women I loved.

My songs are meant to make you fall in love, make you believe in love and help you get through the hard times in life.

The album THIS IS WHO I AM is a collection of songs written over the past 5 years. It features J Town (Emcee Africa 2008 1st Runner up), Jayso and has tracks like In my head (First Single), Canít explain and Quiver.

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