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Nana Fynn
He was born on the 31st of July a couple of years ago to Mr. Kweku Acquah Harrison and Mrs. Gloria Acquah Harrision. Harrision is a classical musician.

His father Mr Aquaah Harrison was the first black person to be admitted into the Royal Marines School of Music, in the United Kingdom Mr. Acquaah Harrision plays about twenty-eight instruments and specializes in the pipe organ. His mother, Mrs. Gloria Acquah Harrision is an Educationist and a Chorister for over 35 years at the ChurchBethel at Community Eight, Tema.

He is the Sixth of Eight kids. It could be said that he is the chip of the old block or better still, a refined chap of the old block.

He is known in real life as Nana Fynn Acquah Harrison but to his numerous funs, he is simply but dynamically called Nana Fynn.

Nana Fynn had his primary education at Marines School Community Eight Tema, advance and SchoolCorpsLife at Winneba.

He had his ordinary level education at Secondary SchoolWinneba and then his advance level education at CollegeAdisadel, CoastCape.

He has knowledge in Computer System Analysis, Software Development and in Graphic Arts.

In 2000, Nana Fynn released his first album “Ankwansema” a fante term meaning a lone ranger in town looking for a wife. The second album “Odo hankerchief” was released in 2001. This was followed by “Dokodoko” in 2003 “I do” was the hit song and then “magic” in 2005 with Romeo as the hit song.

Apart from these albums, Nana Fynn has song written some gospel songs for Stella Seal, Anita Obeng among others.

In June last year, Nana Fynn opened a Pseudo Commercial Studio at Community Nine Tema. He also has a barbering salon for men, New Look Salon. Although this is designed for men, women could also go there for their pedicure, manicure and hair-cut.

Nana Fynn does not set a definate time for himself to accomplish his goals, he rather sets targets. He likes sports, soccer and plays football and snooker. He also likes to read books which bothers on human and black history and religious books like bible and theology.

Nana Fynn likes rice and vegetable stew and plantain with palaver sauce as his favourite dish. He dislikes dogs and fat quarrelsome women.

To his funs, Nana Fynn says “ Don’t blink an eye because you will definitely hear from me in a mega way by the end of the year”. Please contact me through e-mail [email protected]

Nana Fynn plans to do more international music and wishes to tour by the close of next year.

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