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Ernest Nii-Okai Okai
Ernest Nii-Okai Okai
Ernest Nii-Okai Okai, simply called Nii Okai loves to sing, create music and do the will of God. Above all he loves to be in the house of God and is very much involved in worship services.

He is elder of two kids, born to Mrs. Anna Lartey- Okai and Mr. Jededea Okai (of blessed memory).

Nii Okai was born into a Christian family but eventually gave his life to Christ during one of the Calvary Road Incorporated (now Harvest Chapel International) camp meetings.

Music has always been a part of Nii Okai. This gifted musician harmonized his way through Sunday school, and also developed the art of conducting choirs during his fifth grade. He spends valuable time creating music (composing, arranging and re-arranging).

Nii has released two inspiring albums, “Moko be” and “Worshipful”, worked on a couple of group albums on Campus (KNUST) and has also collaborated with some artistes to produce some creative pieces, including Pastor Joe Beecham, Danny Nettey, Koda, Ike Nanor, Eugene Zuta, the Daughters of Glorious Jesus, etc.

Nii Okai wrote “Moko Be” (his hit track) when he had his wilderness experience. He was in Benin for a French year abroad programme, a period when he lost his Dad. It was therefore a time he learnt to seek God for himself.

For Nii Okai, his greatest mentor is God and he continues to build a strong relationship with HIM. He is also inspired by gifted vessels including O’lander Draper of blessed memory, Kurt Carr, Kirk Franklin, Joe Beecham, Daughters, Danny Nettey, amongst many others.

Nii believes that Ministry is service as directed by God Himself;

“We should not worry about what we want to do for God but rather do what God expects of us”, he says “for that is real service”.

Nii is married to beautiful Yaa Afaribea Okai, and they are blessed with a lovely daughter, Christelle. He currently worships with the St. Paul’s Methodist Cathedral in Tema.

Nii has many mentees and is also a youth counsellor.

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