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Slim Busterr
Ebenezer Asare, aka Slim Busterr entered the music industry in 1986, after he won the 1986 National Dance Championship competition.

He later left the shores of Ghana for UK, to study music and sound engineering.

On his return to Ghana, Slim Busterr decided take up music as a full time job, hence he established his own recording studio at Darkuman Junction in Accra.

In 1998, Slim released his maiden album, but discovered later, that it did not conform to what pertained in the country at the time ;he realised that in order to make an impression on the Ghanaian music scene, one needed to work extra hard.

In 2000, Slim released the album, Masanaba, which was an instant hit. He followed it with Eye Fe Keke in 2001, which featured the track, Mina.

In 2002, he came out with Baby, which won an award for best video, at the 2002 Ghana Music Awards.

In 2004, he came out with the album, Marsherita, which caught on well because of its love-laden lyrics. Marsherita won the best Hiplife Dance Choreograph award at the Royal Awards.

Since joining the music industry, Slim Busterr has proved, in no uncertain terms, that he reigns supreme among his contemporaries, and continues to make giant strides on the music scene through his creativity.

Today, the name Slim Busterr, has become a household name in Ghana.

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