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What does it take for a woman to break into Ghana’s male-dominated secular music scene? The likes of Mzbel have proven that a little bit of raunchiness can break grounds for a female artist setting the wheels of success in motion.

If sex sells and sexiness is appealing, then Vida Darko, or simply Veeda, could very well be the next big thing to hit the Ghanaian music scene. She is gifted with beauty and sex appeal, and blessed with a myriad of talents. She is also a hip life/R&B singer/songwriter, fashion designer, choreographer, fashion model, film producer, script writer, and an actress.

Veeda was born in Ghana and moved to the United States in her early teens but never lost touch of her Ghanaian identity, as it is reflected in her music. Her debut album, ‘Destiny’ is picking up steam with hits such as ‘Bribi Yaaye Me’, ‘Please Forgive Me’, ‘My African King’ and more. The Bsc. holder in Computer Information Systems believes that the album is a fair reflection of who she is. “I want them to hear all of the musical influences from hiplife, R&B, hip-hop to rock to jazz, all because I am a versatile lady. I know my fans think I am this way but I am a chameleon and at times I even can’t predict what I will do but the end result is always the finest and a masterpiece.”

She believes that singing is a talent from God because she literally started singing in her mothers’ womb. “I remember singing publicly since I was seven in churches and schools.

There is no better feeling in the world than having a positive impact on ones life; and I am extremely honored and humbled that voice or songs can brighten someone or totally change their outlook.”Like most singers her age, Veeda grew up admiring Whitney Houston. “There are a lot of wonderful artistes that helped inspire my music career but I can state that Whitney Houston’s performance of ‘I Will Always Love You’ in the movie ‘The Body Guard’ was a pivotal moment for me. staying true to her Ghanaian heritage, she also listened to a lot of songs from Kojo Antwi and the Daughter of Glorious Jesus. Veeda, who was crowned Miss Ghana-USA 2002, hopes to fully explore all her talents.

She has also added acting to her resume and will soon undertake some endorsement deals. “I have done about five or six movies so far and two are in post production. Some of the titles are ‘My American Nurse’, ‘Crossing Path’, ‘Capital Blues‘, and ‘Hidden Romance‘.
Veeda also has an NGO called the Change Charity through which she hopes to raise funds for foster kids in Ghana and Africa as a whole. There is certainly a lot to look forward to from this budding star; never a dull moment with Veeda.

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