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FEATURE: Explosive issues on Ghana (2);   
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M icroscopic look at the Ghana socio-eco political situation, beginning with the ranting of ex- President Jerry Rawlings, the founder/financier of the ruling NDC party, which has attracted wide Media attention. RAWLINGS, downed his air-force Flt. Lieutenant gown, copying Ghana’s 1st President, Kwame Nkrumah, who popularized the Northern Ghana’s “Batakari “attire: A raw solider, implicated in 2 successful military coups, his real kind of politicking remains a mystery up-to-date, despite being a populist President.

However, political watchers on the horizon are not least dismayed over Rawlings political ambiguity, rejoicing over the idea that, maybe in the near future, all his actions and thoughts might surface in his written memoirs: Past Presidents of blessed memory have scaled off, being buried with their secrets: thus resulting in a great historical loss to generations of today and those yet unborn. Perhaps in Africa, we stand a better chance to copy from American Presidents whose memories serves as a bulk of history, providing guidelines for tomorrow: Sarah Palin who claimed in an interview that she saw the Red square from the back of her window, has her book, 'going rogue' selling like a hot cake: likewise that of President Clinton and President Obama.

To recap on where I left off on Rawlings, political observes then noted that, when he claimed or rather that socialist tag was forcibly patched on him by some of his close cronies, trying to rake in the popularity of Kwame Nkrumah, leftist comrades of the CPP resisted him, splitting the left into 2 groups—Rawlings NDC and that of the remnants of the Old CPP.

Question: What sorts of ‘head or tail’ do you extract from all this hullaballoo and angry critics on President Mills?

Rawlings is not only the founder of the NDC, he’s its big time financier, and one who pays for the Piper plays the tune; I’m not least surprised that he’s behaving like a typical Arab leader from Nasser to Sadat/Arafat to current Palestinian Leader, Mahmoud Abbas, threatening resignation just to rally public support for hidden agenda.

Question: What exactly do you mean?

Interpretations to his threat of resignation means simple: Hei, NDC is my creation, my property I financed the party, and finance means investment to make profits; those who are not ready to play ball: hmm! You remember comrade Obed Asamoah; I’m ready to kick his/her as…

Question: And what’s your best bet?

Forecast: Isn’t he de-stabilizing Mills to pave way for his wife, Mrs. Konadu Rawlings to take over the leadership of the party? Your guess is better than mine. If Rawlings feels indispensable and wants to run in next elections, he should come clear off it and stop playing such irrational political gimmicks. Tell me he can’t run? Some fascist and notorious dictators had had their way of circumventing (not subverting) constitutions, at times with dubious majority in parliament to review, paving the way for a 3rd term run.

President Mills’s performing to the satisfaction of electors?

Too early to judge President Mills, who might escape blame under a benefit of doubt guise because of current economic upheavals. Kuffour’s party might have been lucky to have lost the elections after all. Listen to the cries of the soothsayers: and the Senegalese Marabou predications>>it was a planned strategy for tomorrow>>. Hmm! Like the days of King Nebuchadnezzar, the writings are on the wall. Read them.

Can President Mills salvage Ghana’s economy?

Your question is tainted with absurdity. Ghanaians shouldn’t expect magic solutions to an economy which has been raped continuously from independence. It could be saved if in Ghana there are institutions operating independently without executive interference—like police force. Ghana can copy the FBI’s formula to operate. Countries of the South are in economic mess partly due of lack of effective machinery to police the ruling class, who have long since raped the Public treasury with impunity—behaving like demi-gods.

Can Mills withstand pressures from and within his own party?

Mills is just a PRO front-man for the NDC party, wholly financed by Rawlings. Remember ex- President Lemann suffered the same fate: and political commentators quoting intelligence sources At the time, claimed he sat with his hands folded into his socket, apparently frustrated by the greed and avarices of his Party Bosses, to be over-thrown by a military Junta. He might have had the last laugh till his last breath.

The military regimes ruled with decrees….you quite remember those tough days?

Sure, I’ve been a long time eye-witness: it was hale -lu-ya period for all of them. They were accountable to none. The transitional provisions are still in the constitution protecting them: the untouchables. What a misery and misfortune to a nation, where all are equal before the law, clearly spelt-out on the same paper? A form of double standards?

In the South, like Ghana, possess political parties to promote true democratic practices?

Huh! A mere joke; in the south, just like Ghana, it’s a sort of window dressing, nothing more nothing less and sadly the political arena is a complete mine-field of gold and diamonds. 3 Political parties— None deserve any form of rating in Ghana. Why all the time set -up of commissions of enquiries to investigate former ruling class? Why investigate them after leaving office? It simply means that POLICE system has not been functioning; that those who headed the institutions must be questioned. The same kinds of questions have cropped p in international diplomatic circles over Abaacha’s reported $ 4 billions said to have been stuck in Swiss Banks. Where was the Nigerian Police? It clearly demonstrates, what the French man will exclaim; RIEN NE VA PLUS in the system, a blue print of the British political system:

Need for Intellectual debate?

Perhaps we have to look at the system with a sober reflection; and there should be a sort of intellectual debate, I mean with maturity, to explore means of reforming it to suit our environment: Are some of the countries in the South copying blindly? Switzerland has a very interesting system run by a Council, loosely affiliated to political parties: Most of the decisions are turn over to the public for approval under a referendum. Why those civilized societies are moving on: they have institutions of check and balances: Hei, there no-one is above the LAW and the LAW resigns supreme. With the volume/rate of corruption imbedded in the system of the South, including Ghana and Ghana’s example.

Nearly 3 scores, with 8 years less, we haven’t made any effort to freeze executive hold on the Judiciary/Police to operate independently to protecting our treasury and other resources. If the Law is the pocket of the ruler, you should close your ears and eyes to prevention, protection and Implementation. Remember, the army ruled with decrees and were accountable to none; still there exist today, that shamelessly transitional provisions, entrenched in the constitution, protecting the untouchables-Rawlings/Boakye-Djan and co.

You mean you won’t like to join any of them: but you’ve been voting?

Mine have been a form of protest vote: Gosh, if one wants to end up being zipped in-famous straight jacket, then he shouldn’t hesitate to Jump the band wagon, joining any of the 3 mentioned. We need a 3rd force of real Democratic Liberals, instilled with Incorruptible discipline, ingenious and Upright disciples, endowed with Vision, empowered with divine spirit and wisdom of selfless Devotion, dedication and patriotism; Heavens’ help us; but that hour has already sounded and end to political gimmick, silly political game play, filled with ravenous stunt men will soon be over.

You paint gloomy picture on Ghana: You’re not lest optimistic about Ghana’s future?

How funny! Pose this question to me in the next 200 years. Why? A society deeply rooted with Institutionalized corruption, cronyism and the so-called tribalism, gets nowhere to building an economy. Ghana is sinking to a sate of ‘self’, with no structures or plans to evolve social program for the benefit of the ordinary people: an ultra-capitalist state of ‘each man for himself and God for us all: and sadly Ghana on the path of creating a class-society, widening the gap between the halves have knots—the under privileged.

Check statistics’ of entry into Public Universities and challenge Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board to publish the names of beneficiaries of its awards from the last 20 years: children of real cocoa farmers never benefited from the program; funny the cocoa clinic is built in Accra for the benefit of continental Italian suit wearers in fully air-conditioned public vehicles and their wards and the same to the Scholarship Secretariat: Let them publish their figures. And looking for job, not under such a climate; you must carry credentials of being an ex-minister’s daughter or a party’s boss nephew not qualification; Or the job market is not open to completion: The Heaven’s gate will just be shut right on your nose.

The media has a role to play in the democratic process, you believe?

Gosh! The media is feeding on hand-outs and without extraordinary intuition, without an insistent eagle eye search into hidden cupboard to sock-out naked skeletons—deep investigative reporting; just forget, the media will get nowhere and will continue to contribute to wretchedness And degradation engulfing the society up to today; contributing to what has been defined as ‘culture of lies’ and hypocrisy; helping to mould characters of humans, who are ready to sacrifice their principles for mere slice of bread and butter.

Listen to some of the radio talk shows...just mere Bull-sh... ; The media needs to maintain its independence, guard jealously the art of freedom of speech and expression and be more aggressive /inquisitive, with apologies to none. (Watergate re-visited) That horrible type of self censorship must be liquidated now.

2. The journalist like the policeman must be infused with motivations, and requisite remuneration to with stand sell-out temptation or test of money influence or in kind, by gluttonous peddlers

Is the type of education/culture contributing to the down-trends?

if Ghana’s educational system/culture is turning out scholars with PHD, MSC and what-knots; scholars most of them, treacherously fortified with technique to plunder, raid and rape public treasury, worse than armed gangs wielding bazookas/AK 47 automatic rifles, then whither are we drifting, oh OMAN Ghana? (Mubutu/Abacha revisited): the system need an over-haul, infusing real moral discipline: not the current “chew-pour- pass”, system with its numerous degrading related issues.

Relax a little bit and let’s change the subject to SPORTS; how do you access Ghana’s chances in the World cup games?

Our team revolves around a midfield wizard, Essien; pick it from me the World cup series is real jungle mine-field, where only those with solid defense and slippery attacking force could win. Forget about fine football. What we need are real marks men Upfront—from right, center and the left, who will be able to punch holes, penetrate their opponent’s vital areas to hit target at any given chance and from any given range. In your next interview ask me, why Ghana, unlike Kenya is not making remarkable in sports on the international scene?

Sorry to have bothered you with this pertinent questions; humanity is quite grateful to you for contributing to re-create a better society.

Source: Boatin, Kwaku

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