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"Fa Wo To Begye Stool"   
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Assiduous studies into the mindset of Kumawuman citizens reveal that they are unconscious enemies of themselves. Unlike their famous warrior Barimah Tweneboa Kodua I, and a one time group of concerned citizens calling themselves; "Ya te Asem", all else are almost nonchalant about the welfare of their place of birth. They care less about the rapidly devastating environment and the conditions they live in.

I will continually tell the truth by hitting the nail squarely on the head rather than on the side regardless, how distasteful it may be to them. Kumawu, the District capital of the Kumawu Sekyere Afram plains, is worse than any known village in the Ashanti Region when non-availability of essential development becomes the focus of interest.

Not long ago, I visited Kumawu to find the environment in continuous steep decline as usual. Erosion has completely wiped off the topsoil with stones of all forms and shapes sticking dangerously out of the ground. I soliloquized, "how do people grope around in darkness without getting hurt with all these funny stones protruding out of the ground?" Gutters to channel rainwater from the Hyiawu-Water works-Apebiakyere slopes are non-existent. Rainwater spreads all over the place until it finds its own way to the "Fotene" and the other contaminated streams, leading to the erosion of the topsoil. Yet they had a "Town Planner" for chief for thirty-four solid years. What a waste of time, space and resources. In addition, defecation in the backyard of houses and the surrounding bushes was a common eyesore sight. The reason for such anti-modern day occurrence is twofold.1) There are not enough serviceable public toilets in Kumawu.

The few toilets in town are in deplorable states. When you walk into a public toilet and walk out, you smell of far worse shit as though you have defecated on yourself. Many homes have no toilets of their own since Conservancy labourers became outdated on the orders of Dr. Boom Rawlings in the 1980s. 2) How could the parents afford to pay their children to frequent the public toilets whenever the body metabolism suffers them to attend to nature's call? They do not have enough money to go round for paying to attend the toilet so the children had better ease themselves in the backyards, my investigations revealed. Availability of potable water is the worst-case scenario of the insurmountable problems confronting Kumawu. Yet they have a selfish, ineligible myopic "sikadicious" queen directly blocking the development of Kumawuman in general, and Kumawu in particular, through her senseless possessive actions. Would she do that if she were a true royal with the welfare of Kumawuman at heart? I hope not.

By the way, was she not the one to have secretly promised each of some Ashanti paramount chiefs billions of old Ghana Cedis if they helped her win the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy case? This goes to tell how callous the queen is towards the development of Kumawuman. Was the money going to come from her pocket? No! She was going to take it from that accumulated Kumawuman royalty fund of which the late Barimah Asumadu Sakyi II squandered or embezzled then 1.5 Million Old Cedis equivalent of then 1.5 Million U.S. dollars. I have the names of whom she made such a promise and how much each was going to get. She can come out to challenge me if I were lying. This is how bad the insolent greedy "sikadicious" queen is. I have exposed certain ongoing and anticipated underhand dealings to save Kumawuman. Without these exposures, Kumawuman would long have been short-changed. Therefore, those equally myopic thoughtless beings that hate to hear or see the truth revealed should not castigate me if they cannot at least praise me let alone rewarding me for such money-saving revelations.

All the concerned Kumawuman citizens if there is any, should mobilise to tell Kumawuhemaa and her cohorts that enough is enough with their utter nonsense of cowardly retarding the progress of Kumawuman. It is either they put up or they shut up. Go and tell Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II that he is consciously ruining Kumawuman through his indecision. The more he delays giving hearing to the Kumawuman case let alone pronouncing judgment, the more Kumawuman is ruined. The more people defecate in their backyards as attested, the more the few river bodies in the area are contaminated. The more contamination there is, the more outbreak of river borne diseases e.g. typhoid fever and cholera there are and the more people die from preventable diseases.

Until when will you remain fidgeting without rising up to defend your rights? A door to help you develop your area opened with the advent of a Son of your soil into the NDC government as Minister. You could not make use of that excellent opportunity handed to you on a silver platter due to the intransigence of your utterly selfish, insatiably greedy, and completely thoughtless queen. To her, "mine is mine and ours is ours" It is always all for her but nothing for others.

How long are you going to allow her block the development of Kumawuman? I see the enemies of Kumawuman in the following order of importance. 1) Kumawuhemaa 2) The "supposed" Ankaase royal family 3) The Asantehene 4) The Asanteman Council 5) That individual called Abena Wurukye alias Akokohwede 6) The crawling but true paramount Ananangya/Odumase royals of Kumawuman 7) The prominent citizens of Kumawuman who are mute on the ongoing chieftaincy wrangling and 8) The entire nonchalant citizens of Kumawuman.

Those who have talked the talk are to walk the walk. I would have done the biblical Jonah if God would still not oblige me to complete the task well started as it was in the case of Jonah. I am beginning to hate that lukewarm attitude as in depiction by the very citizens of Kumawuman. Why should the helper suffer more than the victim should? It is only in Kumawuman that the people are ready to cope conveniently with what is nonsense by definition. It is beyond my wildest dream to see the once audacious Kumawuman citizens now cowed by a mere destructive tomboy.

God has delivered the Kumawu Koduah Stool to its rightful owners, the Ananangyas/Odumases. Like it or hate it, the intentions of God will supersede that of man no matter what one does.

Lest I forget, I recently chanced upon a group of Ghanaians discussing the unpalatable developments taking place within the Asanteman Council when it comes to conflict resolution. One of them made me laugh my head off when he came up with the following statement, "In Gen. I. K. Acheampong's time we had what was "Fa wo to begye golf" and under the current Overlord of Asanteman, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, we have "Fa wo to begye Stool". How far that is true I cannot tell, but as there is the slightest truth in every rumour, so will there be an element of truth in the person's statement. Was the person derogatorily referring to how Asantehene's intimacy with Kumawuhemaa has annoyingly delayed the arbitration of the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute? I cannot also tell.

One Paa Adgyei has bid his friends in Switzerland farewell. He told them Kumawuhemaa has invited him over to succeed the late Barimah Asumadu Sakyi II as the next paramount chief of Kumawu. He has now gone to Ghana. Let us see how things go. Is he not from Ankaase?

Aluta Continua

Source: John Fosu

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