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RE: Christmas Bonus For Konadu Apraku   
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The one who knows not and knows that he knows not, is wise. But the one who knows not and knows not that he knows not, is a fool and must be treated as such.

Daniel Danquah Lamptey published an article attacking Dr. Konadu Apraku with unnecessary writings and unsubstantiated allegations were levelled against the learned Dr. which needs to be responded to. He [Daniel Damptey ] is full of himself. Does anyone know whether this Daniel Danquah Lamptey really exists? If he does, where was his polling station? Did he play any role in getting Nana Addo the Presidency as Dr. Apraku did? Or he just creased his arms, stay at home and latter felt that people must hear his voice therefore decided to write something? All these questions keep ringing in my mind and I believe in the minds of other faithful N. P. P. Members and Ghanaians in general.

I will summarize all that he wrote as someone who knows not and do not accept the fact that he knows not.

The book of Proverbs also states that; correct the foolish from his foolishness else he might mistake it as wise. If these lies are not corrected it might be mistaken as the truth. Had it not been this, the communication directorate of Dr. Apraku wouldn’t have wasted our precious time on the so call Daniel Lamptey who God only knows what his real name is.

To start with, anyone who reads you (Daniel Danquah Lamptey) will know your selfish agenda. It is either you want to satisfy your paymasters [in return for some promised gift] or find a nice way to be recognized in the party’s communication set up.

But I can give you a holistic advice, that there are other fine ways to be recognized in the party either than unnecessary attack on intellectual opinions and personalities like Dr. K. K. Apraku.

You were shouting in your writing by saying “Let no one talk of keeping quiet for the sake of the Party unity whiles evil reigns supreme”. In other words you were fighting for your freedom of speech. I therefore wonder how this same person fighting for his freedom of speech would want to uselessly criticize other people’s opinion.

Has he forgotten that they also have the same right as he has to express their views?

Honestly, I am not surprised that he decided to attack people and for that matter potential Presidential Aspirant who is equally loved by grass root supporters not only within our party(NPP) but floating voters as well. The essential core voters our previous flag bearer has never been able to pull to our side.

Would Daniel Danquah Lamptey have written to insult Dr. K. K. Apraku if the comment he passed was against any other personality of the party? Or was it because it was against Nana Akufo Addo? Then if I may ask; has Nana Akufo Addo now become the “god” of NPP that no one has the right to criticize him? That is very pathetic.

I want to know when Daniel Danquah came into NPP. My reason for this question is based on the question he posed: “Is Dr, K.K. Apraku a genuine party man?

This question needs no answer because Dr. Apraku’s genuineness with NPP is un-doubtable. It was based on his genuineness that made Nana Addo appoint him as his Campaign Director in 2008 and also put him in charge of security in 2012 elections. Do you want me to believe that Nana Addo did not know what he was doing when he appointed him? Absolutely not.

No plausible human being will belittle the logical argument raised by Dr. K. K. Apraku as reckless and anti-party utterances as you put it.

You were madly sure that no matter what people say Nana Addo will be the eventual flag bearer of our party. My question to you is; do we just need a flag bearer or a President?

The elephant at its present stage does not just need a flag bearer but a flagbearer who will eventually become President to govern our dear nation. The earlier you accept this fact the better for our dear party NPP. You can conscript him as you put it to become the flag bearer and still remain in opposition. But if I may educate your little brain, in election no one stands the chance unless voting is over. Which NPP supporter did not anticipate victory in 2012? At the end of the battle who was affirmed the winner? Keep the answer to yourself. I take all of these as a mire day light dream of yours.

I do not believe in the assertion proposed by Nana Addo and his supporters that based on the fact that Dr. Apraku lost primaries in 2007 he must shut his mouth.

It is on records that Nana Addo (the one you were writing for) lost primaries to Former President J. A. Kuffour but never shut his mouth. Again, he has lost general election twice but hasn’t shut his mouth. He is the same person you are proposing to re-lead the party in 2016. What a high level of hypocrisy. If the one who has lost three times has the chance and the right to contest again, how much more he who lost just once base on doubtable circumstances? Truly wonder they say, will never end.

Last but not the least, if Daniel Danquah sincerely wants to know who embezzled and still embezzles party resource, some of us are ready to let him know as a matter of fact backed with evidence not as unsubstantiated as he alleged Dr. Apraku did.

People Nana Addo supported and is still supporting to take national executive positions of the party, people who are corrupt and looted party’s coffers to zero which caused an unnecessary defeat in 2012. The time has not yet come. Some of us are waiting to see them seeking for re-election.

Looting of party’s resources has mostly been at the party’s headquarters and not necessarily at the Campaign office as people are always made to believe. If you claim Dr. Apraku embezzled Campaign funds during 2008 elections and that Nana Addo is aware, how then did he re-appoint him to handle security in 2012 election? This is a blatant ignorance.

I will spare him the rod because anyone who read him [Daniel Damptey] knows the hard earned credentials of Dr. K. K. Apraku and therefore, will not take him serious.

In conclusion, I will sign a note of caution to Daniel Danquah’s paymasters to call him to book and advice him to desist from the path of insults which has been their strategy to attack all potential aspirants. They should have learnt their lessons by now since it has never helped them since 2008.

I will hold my fire for now.
Source: B. A. Daniel - [email protected] / ghanaweb

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