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The Tale Of Two Bishops   
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Bishop Stephen Richard Bosomtwe-Ayensu and Archbishop Duncan-Williams
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‘The Bible says God is the governor among the nations. It says except the Lord builds the nations, the builders build in vain. Any government or groups of people who ignore the role of the Church are committing suicide. The Church is extremely relevant in nation building. We can’t do without God’—Archbishop Duncan-Williams.

‘It is about time we the men of God took the President and his men on face to face. We have prayed and fasted, prophesied and done everything spiritually possible to no avail and it’s time to now question the President and his ministers’—Bishop Stephen Richard Bosomtwe-Ayensu.

It is often said that when you put two economists together to discuss an economic issue, the likelihood is that each will assign different reasons for the same situation. Two lawyers will quote different laws to justify their positions on the same issue in court. Journalists will pick different angles to the same story for the public. It is normal for human beings to think differently about a social problem but it is the reasoning, logic and the common sense which support the individual thoughts that attract individual or group support.

The past few days, as usual, have attracted yet another topic for public discussions, led by the media. This time, they are issues that border on the economy which is no news in the first place, but it is those who made the comments and the opinions expressed on the economy that has made the discussions very controversial and not the subject of the economic dilemma we find ourselves in. For the first time in my life as a Ghanaian, a man of God has publicly admitted implicitly that there are problems that are solved spiritually and there are problems that require physical actions to bring solutions.

Unfortunately in this country, men, and to be gender balanced, and women of God have proffered spiritual solutions to almost every problem of the members of their congregation. When people are sick, which require physical examination by medical doctors for advice, men and women of God prescribe fasting and prayers to deal with malaria, for example. Some even quarantine their members with such ailments like malaria in their Churches; they upgrade their status into medical officers and treat their patients. Paradoxically, when those patients are about to die, they quickly rush them to the hospitals for them to die there.

Couples have very serious marital challenges in their homes. More often than not, the issues bother on physical needs. The prescription once again by the men and women of God is prayers and fasting. The businesses of some members of the Church are not doing well. The owners want to find solutions to the problems. The antidote, according to the men and women of God as usual are prayers and fasting. In some cases the men and women of God capitalize on the desperation of their members and even exploit them further. Today, Bishop Bosomtwe-Ayensu has come to the realization that there are some problems which do not require prayers and fasting. If you ask a person who is weak as a result of hunger and thirst to fast to regain his strength, he will die. That person needs food and water and not prayers. Thank you, Bishop Bosomtwe-Ayensu, for this realization. Physical and material challenges must be dealt with physically.

Now to Archbishop Duncan-Williams and his command on the cedi not to fall further. Indeed he commanded the cedi to resurrect; an admission that the cedi is dead. Well, normally when some men and women of God give those commands to a certain type of congregation of predominantly illiterates and semi-literates for the purpose of exploiting them and dancing on their intelligence, I will understand.

I am saddened by the fact that the Action Church International has the crème de la crème of our society as its members. The middle class Ghanaians in terms of education and economic power are found at the Church. When will religious bigots like Duncan-Williams, who even could not properly manage his marital affair for various reasons known to some of us, insult the intelligence of Ghanaians by pretending that the economic malaise which have been inflicted on this nation is spiritual and that he, I mean Duncan-Williams can command the cedi which has been bastardized by incompetent nincompoops with brains good enough to steal, to stabilize it?

And we have men and women better educated than Duncan-Williams applauding him for that balderdash? Now look, the antithesis of the stupidity of his statement lies in the fact that his Church virtually extorts thousands of cedis from his congregants who have toiled to generate those monies.

If he has the spiritual powers to manage the economy, he should stop forthwith the collection of tithes from the members of his Church and execute every project he has in mind without taking any money from his congregants.

The people of this country have queued to vote for a President, assuming that by Atuguba’s judgement, the people of Ghana voted for President Mahama and his crop of incompetent stealing brigade, why should we then put the destiny of this country into the hands of a Duncan-Williams when our taxes do not go to him, at least directly. If the criminals at the helm of affairs will put some in his accounts, we cannot say for sure. We do not need a Duncan-Williams to tell us that this nation is accursed. By who and for what reasons? He should keep his spiritual beliefs to himself and congregants to shift attention from the blatant, unmitigated and unadulterated incompetence of the Mahama administration which he is the spiritual leader, perhaps.

Does Duncan-Williams listen to world news? I am not sure, else he would not engage in that tom-foolery of assigning spirituality to what a Kindagarten child knows as shameless incompetence on the part of a group of senseless leaders making life so difficult for the majority of the people of this country. If Duncan-Williams believes that God is the governor of all nations, why do we vote to elect Members of Parliament and President? Why do we appoint Ministers and other political functionaries to manage the affair of this country? By his illogical populist biblical assertions, this country should cease organizing elections. After all if God is in charge we need not even work so we will live very comfortably. Arrant nonsense. Is it religious dementia or what is it? I have, over the years, opened foreign exchange account with SG-SSB, under Mahama, I cannot withdraw my dollars, and a man who is blinded by the realities of our times thinks that it is a certain Satan who is making it impossible for me to withdraw my hard-earned dollar. Why not? He is alleged to have told his congregants once that the cost of his perfume is higher than their suits, and they will continue to donate so much to him to buy expensive perfumes from outside this country and later come to tell us that the dearth of foreign exchange is the work of Satan. Tweeaaaaa.

This country is poor because of the likes of Duncan-Williams and his exploitative lots in the system which takes advantage of the helpless and in some cases, distressed citizens who have either lost hope in the system and have put all their faith in gods of various kinds to solve their problems, when those problems are the physical responsibilities of those in whose hands our taxes go and are obliged to use them to ensure decent livelihood for all of us. Enough of this exploitative element s in our society using the name of God. Duncan-Williams should use his commanding powers to alleviate the poverty afflicting the poor in the society. Duncan-Williams, do command that the kayayes in our society be decently accommodated if you have that power.

By the Duncanlistic and Williamlism of our time, let there be more mahogany bitters for my consumption.

Source: Editorial/Daily Guide

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