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Is Mahama Still At Post – Oh Africa Why?
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“Your life is not simply about career and ambition, but making your country a better one.”

–Albie Sachs, a former Constitutional Court judge and crucial figure in South Africa’s struggle to end white-minority rule:

At the dawn of independence, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah philosophized that the Blackman was capable of managing his own affairs.

I do not know whether he still believed in that philosophy before his demise.

However, I do not have any doubt in my mind that if he had lived during the six years of Atta Mills-Mahama-Amissah Arthur NDC administration, he would have revised his notes and called for the return of the colonial masters.

He would also have auctioned his book: ‘Neo-colonialism – the Last Stage of Imperialism’ for one Ghana cedi. Perhaps he might have written a satire with the title: “Vicky Mahama – The Last Days of John Hamah.”

No political administration in any developed civilized democracy can survive the two massive gargantuan criminal scandals this character of a woman has brought to the corrupt, greedy and incompetent Mahama administration.

This generation has witnessed gross impunity, unprecedented greediness, crass arrogance, massive incompetence, gargantuan fraudulent malpractices under Atta Mills-Mahama-Amissah Arthur NDC administration than any other in the history of the nation.

Oh Amma Ghana, what is happening to you? Oh Amma Ghana, what crime did you commit to have these arrogant usurpers whose stock-in-trade is to create well-oiled wealth looting machineries which they use to loot and share the nation’s resources without blinking.

It is obvious that the greatest damage the Atta Mills-Mahama-Amissah Arthur NDC administration is doing to this country is the appointment of greedy, corrupt and incompetent cronies, political foot-soldiers and tribesmen and tribeswomen to national positions of trust.


Every week, something more poignant and gargantuan just pops up from the corruption kitchen of John Dramani Mahama NDC administration.

The incorrigible, greedy bastards and old evil dwarfs and babies with sharp teeth, insult all persons with dissenting voices.

Every week of Mahama administration comes out with some mindboggling financial scandal.

It is now obvious that when the NDC adopted the campaign slogan of “Yebe dii bi keke”, they had prepared their nostrils to sniff and take advantage of every opportunity to create, lot and share the nation’s wealth. Is John Dramani Mahama still at post as the underserved President of this country while he looks on unconcerned like Nero playing his warp while Rome burns? Wonders will never cease!

The members of Ga North District Society of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana) and their families took advantage of the Founder’s Day to go on excursion to the Bui Dam site. While returning, we found ourselves following a VIP luxury bus with the following inscription at its back windscreen: “Oh Africa Why.”

It made me cast my mind back to all the ills and suffering the latter day black enslavers who called themselves leaders of the continent and replaced the white colonial masters have imposed on the poor innocent suffering masses.

After making a cursory survey of all the scandals in the last six years, which have led to meltdown of this country, I could only reflect on the inscription on the bus and ask myself: “Is John Dramani Mahama still at post?

Let us do some small survey of the thoughts of great minds on the African continent and the corrupt state of mind of the educated blackman in leadership positions and the reason why Africa, and for that matter Ghana is in this sorry and broken state.

“I am inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa…All our social policies are based on the fact that their (black people) intelligence is the same as ours (white people) – whereas all the testing says not really…people who have to deal with black employees find this not true…you should not discriminate on the basis of colour, because there are many people of colour who are talented, but don’t promote them when they haven’t succeeded at the lower level”.(Prof James D. Watson)

“I was not optimistic about Africa. In less than 10 years after independence in 1957, Nigeria had had a coup and Ghana a failed coup. I thought their tribal loyalties were stronger than their sense of common nationhood. This was especially so in Nigeria, where there was a deep cleavage between the Muslim Hausa northerners and the Christian and pagan southerners. As in Malaysia, the British had handed power, especially the army and the police, to the Muslims. In Ghana, without this north-south divide, the problem was less acute, but there were still clear tribal divisions. Unlike India, Ghana did not have long years of training and tutelage in the methods and discipline of modern government. I wondered what would happen to these two countries (Nigeria and Ghana). They were the brightest hopes of Africa, the first two to get independence, Ghana in 1957 followed shortly by Nigeria…My fears for the people of Ghana were not misplaced. Notwithstanding their rich cocoa plantations, gold mines, and High Volta dam, which could generate enormous amounts of power, Ghana’s economy sank into disrepair and has not recovered the early promise it held out at independence in 1957” (Le Kuan Yew).

“In many countries in Africa, including Ghana, the wrong kind have made it to leadership. They see power for the sake of power and for their own aggrandizement rather than a real understanding of the need to use power to improve their countries. The quality of the leaders, the misery they have brought to their people and my inability to work with them to turn the situation round are very depressing. Unless we find a way of getting them to focus on resolving conflicts and turn to key issues of economic and social development, the effort that we are all asking will be for naught.” (Busumuru Kofi Annan)

“Africa failed to produce a productive middle-class but instead had produced a parasitic elite that lived off the fat of the land through non-productive activities dependent on political patronage” (Prof. Sule Gambari)

“The continent is littered with low-cost dictators and wretched petty tyrants who have been lording it over their people for years. On all fronts nothing seems to go right. The economies are in shambles; there is deliberate creation of poverty for equitable distribution among the ordinary mortal who are the citizens. On the political front, the people are disenfranchised and a pestilential band of sophisticated thugs, ruffians, truants and other hooligans masquerade as leaders, but there are few decent leaders as well, but these few are the exception rather than the rule” (Prof. P.A.V. Ansah)

“For many Africans, 50 years of sovereignty has been an abject failure, reproducing the horrors of colonial-era domination under the guise of freedom. So, for the past five decades, most Africans have suffered predation of colonial proportions by the very states that were supposed to bring them freedom. And most of these nations, broke from their own thievery, are now unable to provide their citizens with basic services like security, roads, hospitals and schools”. (Prof. Pierre Englebert).

“I am convinced that much of the bribery that occurs in Africa is less the idea of the African than that of the Westerner, who gets frustrated at the slow pace of negotiations, hotels he isn’t used to, and unusual foods and smells, and decides to speed things along with a bribe. In Africa, one minister would come and ask you to close down the network, usually the minister of defence or the minister of interior. Then the president would come and say, ‘No, no, no! If you do that we’ll throw your guys in jail. You cannot close down the networks’. And then another person would come and say, ‘no, we’ll close the network’. On the one hand we were really helping to develop an economy and build infrastructure but sometimes we had to convince people to do what was obvious and in their own interests.” (Mo Ibrahim).

“We, Africans, have borrowed from European and American nations without paying back and this gives power to their lenders to come and control our economies and even monitor our elections” (Bishop Simon Chihana).

What we have are criminals who have captured the state and its strategic institutions, including the electoral process, the judicial system, financial sector.

They have placed themselves in political and administrative power to loot the resources of the state.

Jonah said; “God why do you not destroy those charlatans who mock you everyday?
Source: Kwame Gyasi / E-mail: [email protected] / Daily Guide

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