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Creg Afful Writes To President Mahama
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I wish I could have begun this letter to you with joy, cheerfulness and bliss all over my face. Unfortunately, I am unable to do so because of the subject matter of this letter.

Mr. President, I hope you are doing well! I also hope your wife Mrs. Lordina Mahama and all your children are doing well by the grace of the Almighty God! It’s been awhile since I personally met you at a function.

Well it may be due to your frequent travels to abroad with the most recent one being your trip to Italy with Akua Donkor, founder of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP).  That is just by the way

I am a patriotic citizen of Ghana and a native of Ekumfi Eyisam in the Ekumfi District of the Central Region of the republic of Ghana.  As you know, Ekumfi District produced late President J.E.A Mills, the man you cherished so much for the countless opportunities he created for you whiles he was alive. #

I am not used to writing open letters, but I have decided to do so on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the passing into glory of our dearly and respected professor of law, economics and taxation expert due to the issues that surrounded his sudden demise three years ago and your refusal to let us know the cause of his death. Ghanaians knew that their president was sick, but I strongly believe that shouldn’t be the excuse for getting to know the cause of his sudden death. It is incredible that Ghanaians are still oblivious of what killed Prof. Mills! Ah what a wow!

As you are well aware, there were wild allegations surrounding the demise of your former boss, who was given the accolade   “Asomdweehene” (even though, he did not deserve to be called by that name since it is a sacred attribute to Almighty God alone) died at the castle -seat of government –and ended up at the 37-military Hospital.

The allegations were so wild that I do not intend to remind you and those who will take time out of their busy schedule to read this letter.

I have decided to tread cautiously, due to the respect I have for you and the departed soul of uncle Atta.  While I am trying very hard to hold myself together in this difficult time in order not to prick the wounds of all those who are still recovering from the devastation and pain that the death of Uncle Atta brought, I believe you are not oblivious of the saying that “there is aorta of truth in every allegation.”

In fact the good book says “Buy the truth and sell it not. And truth they say cannot be buried. You and your administration have decided to hide the truth about Egya Atta’s death, but be rest assured that the palpable truth of his death will be uncovered if not today, some days to come.

I recall during the one week celebrations at the Efua Sutherlands Children’s Park you made the whole world to understand that it was God who took the life of Professor Mills and this is what you really said, “God in His own wisdom took Professor Mills away”

You knew within your heart that it was not enough for you to just make the above statement and think that Ghanaians including my good self will believe it and rest when you also knew that ordinary people, who hang themselves and dies are taken through postmortem examination to ascertain the cause of death, how much more a whole president!

Even though Ghanaians including the family members of late President Mills in Ekumfi Otuam have made several calls for your administration to disclose the cause of Prof. Mills’ death, but you blatantly disregarded such calls and all that you kept saying was that he died through a natural cause. A natural cause, you say, Mr. President? By the way what is that natural cause?

Well, since that is what you want us to believe, I would humbly encourage you to take ample time to read 2 Kings 8:7-15 very well and meditate and also ponder over it. I hope this  Scripture will speak to you!

…… 7 Elisha went to Damascus, and Ben-Hadad king of Aram was ill. When the king was told, “The man of God has come all the way up here,” 8 he said to Hazael, “Take a gift with you and go to meet the man of God. Consult the Lord through him; ask him, ‘Will I recover from this illness?’”

9 Hazael went to meet Elisha, taking with him as a gift forty camel-loads of all the finest wares of Damascus. He went in and stood before him, and said, “Your son Ben-Hadad king of Aram has sent me to ask, ‘Will I recover from this illness?’”

10 Elisha answered “Go and say to him, ‘You will certainly recover.’ Nevertheless,[a] the Lord has revealed to me that he will in fact die.” 11 He stared at him with a fixed gaze until Hazael was embarrassed. Then the man of God began to weep.

12 “Why is my lord weeping?” asked Hazael.

“Because I know the harm you will do to the Israelites,” he answered. “You will set fire to their fortified places, kill their young men with the sword, dash their little children to the ground, and rip open their pregnant women.”

13 Hazael said, “How could your servant, a mere dog, accomplish such a feat?”

“The Lord has shown me that you will become king of Aram,” answered Elisha.

14 Then Hazael left Elisha and returned to his master. When Ben-Hadad asked, “What did Elisha say to you?” Hazael replied, “He told me that you would certainly recover.” 15 But the next day he took a thick cloth, soaked it in water and spread it over the king’s face, so that he died. Then Hazael succeeded him as king.

I believe with all due respect you did! What did it tell you?

I am sure you are not peeved. Indeed, I am not by this Scripture inferring that you took that evil path Hazael took when he saw the glaring opportunity to be the next King, and ended up murdering Ben-Hadad, and succeeded him and so fulfilled the vision Elisha saw.  All that I want you to know is that your continuous refusal to let the entire country and moreso the people of Ekumfi know what killed  late president Mills will fester suspicion of your government complicity in the sudden death of Egya Atta.

Atta Mills was a good Christian and I am also Christian and you the consequence of actions that contradicts the will of God.  And you really know that nothing under the heaven can be hidden from God. He sees all things and he reveals secrets to his anointed ones. King David slept with Uriah’s wife; little did he know that God had revealed his deeds to Prophet Nathan.Hmmmm!!!

 As the entire nation marks, the third anniversary of his passing away, I want you to do this one important thing for me. That is by informing me and Ghanaians of what killed late President Mills.

Yours Truly

Michael Creg Afful


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