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Open Letter To The Delta/Invincible Force
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Dear Delta/Invincible Force members

I am writing this letter to you in my capacity as an NPP youth activist. This means apart from being Ghanaians, you and I also have something in common, which is NPP. I wish to on this note, begin by appreciating the role you played in the party’s historic victory in the 2016 polls and commend you for same. You essentially helped this country to do away with a very inept, insensitive and corrupt regime and brought a government that would deliver hope and prosperity to the Ghanaian people.

Having said that, I wish to now, with heavy heart, bring to your attention that you are gradually destroying what we have all suffered to build together. You are fast desecrating the goodwill that our President, His Excellency Nana Addo and the NPP enjoy from the good people of this country. Some of your actions have been most reprehensible, repugnant, unconscionable and uncharacteristic of anything NPP.

You are giving our political opponents great ammunitions to use to destroy us. Do not delude yourself into thinking that President Nana Addo will automatically rule for 8 years. JDM on my mind. You are sending the NPP back to opposition if you care to know; except that, some of us will not allow you to succeed Insha Allah. I have consistently tried to restrain myself from objurgating or censuring you but you have now compelled me to break my loud silence. That is the only way I can free my good conscience.

To start with, I wish to deal with the gravamen of your actions, deemed lawless and despicable by all and sundry. You say we should allow you to do whatever you like because you supported the NPP to come to power. You say you must always have your way because you helped the party to win the 2016 elections. Like seriously? And you think you were the only people who contributed to the party’s victory? You think you did better than the President himself, who despite his “old age”, campaigned rigorously in every nook and cranny of this country to seek the mandate of the Ghanaian people?

You think you did better than His Excellency the Vice President, who was arguably the greatest revelation in the NPP’s triumphant 2016 campaign and the sufferer of all manner of political vitriol and venomous attacks for exposing the gross incompetence of the Mahama administration? You think you did better than all the party executives at the National, Regional, Constituency and Polling Station levels who gallantly served the party for several years at the expense of their work and other equally important engagements? You think you did better than the party communicators across the country who were led by the hard working Nana Akomea?

You think you did better than the social media campaigners, writers, serial callers and serial ‘texters’ of the party? Do you know the number of times some of us had to respond to query letters from our employers for abandoning post to go campaign for the party? You think you did better than those who lost their lives or suffered severe injuries in the cause of the campaign struggle? You think you did better than all the people who used their scarce resources to finance the party’s campaign?

President Nana Addo got over 5.7 million votes constituting 53.85% from Ghanaians for God’s sake. So should all these people rise up and demand their pound of flesh from the NPP government, do you think this nation can be governable? What do you think will happen in this country? You guys are not only embarrassing yourselves with this shameful conduct but also his Excellency President Nana Addo, the NPP and Ghana at large. You have thrown decency and sanity to the pigs and embraced lawlessness and cancerous impunity much to the chagrin of all.

And don’t tell me the NDC also did similar bad things in the past. Maybe, that was why Ghanaians voted them out of power. Clearly, their wrongs in the past CANNOT be a justification for your wrongs and lawless actions today. You are tarnishing the good image of the NPP. The NDC is not and cannot be our standard. Under no circumstance should anybody seek to compare the violent nature of the NDC with a fine party like the NPP. At least, not now that we have a very peace loving person (His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo) as our President and leader. The NDC’s violent record including attacks on the Judiciary is unmatched in the country’s history and this, we all know.

I recall for instance, how their hooligans in the Northern Region led by the then NDC Regional Chairman, Sumani Zolkugli and his Deputy, Sofo Azorko stormed the Tamale High Court, destroyed court properties and instructed a Presiding Judge to remand some alleged NPP supporters [Yahuza and four others] who were granted bill by the same Judge. The judge had no option but to kowtow to their demands. I recall how they banned then President Mills from stepping foot in Tamale after a competent Court acquitted and discharged the so called alleged killers of YaaNa. I recall the notorious NDC’s montie gangs that waged an attack on the nation’s Judiciary including Her Ladyship the Chief Justice.

I recall how their footsoldiers, whose names were given as Mohammed Ayatu, Abdalla Rasta and Albert Naa murdered some NPP supporters including Soale, Alhassan and Sule in the infamous Agbogbloshie crisis when the NDC came to power in 2009. Shockingly, the police has till now, not been able to effect the arrest of any of these “NDC gangsters” even though their identity was well known. So you see, the NDC and violence are almost synonymous. That is why I say, the NPP should not use the NDC as our standard; else, we would fail ab-initio. Else, the CHANGE that Ghanaians voted for would have been useless.

I am completely aghast at the lawless actions of the Delta Force, a group that is associated with the NPP at the Kumasi High Court yesterday. It is widely reported that they stormed the Court to free some of their own who were standing trial after the presiding judge refused to grant them bail. This is the height of legendary lawlessness, organized chaos, notorious bravado and impunity. What then is the difference between the NPP and the NDC? I condemn this action in no uncertain terms. I am also happy that the party has condemned it in the strongest terms. 

More importantly, His Excellency President Nana Addo has this morning summoned all the Security Chiefs in the country including the Interior and National Security Minister to the Jubilee House and tasked them to as a matter of urgency, deal with these marauding party apparatchiks in accordance with law. The President has been very consistent on this. Ghana is not a failed State and cannot be one. We don’t live in a jungle. Law and Order has no substitute because that is the only safety assurance for the ordinary Ghanaian. Without Law and Order, this nation would be ungovernable and nobody would be able to transact their daily affairs.    

I didn’t vote for a lawless Ghana. This is not why I left my work to join the CHANGE campaign wagon. I feel highly disappointed by the actions of these “NPP vigilante groups”. The members of these groups cannot be more NPP than all of us. We all paid our due for the NPP and worked tirelessly for the party’s electoral victory. So we won’t sit unconcerned for them to take the party back to opposition through lawless acts. Need I have to tell them that if the party goes to opposition, they are the very people that would suffer the most and not the NPP bigwigs? The police must indeed deal ruthlessly with them with immediate effect. The culture of impunity must pave way to one of deterrence.

If by talking this way and freeing my conscience for love of my country, will make me lose some of my friends in the NPP, then so be it. I love my country more than anything else. If there is no Ghana, there cannot be NPP or NDC. Enough is enough. Enough of this recklessness. Enough of this nonsense. You can insult, attack or even choose to sideline me for all I care. I better remain a vulnerable or poor man with a good conscience than a powerful and rich man with a compromised conscience. After all, poverty and vulnerability per se, do not kill. Evil, they say, triumphs not because of the evil deeds of the bad ones but because of the loud silence of the good ones.

I can’t betray my very intelligence and good conscience on the altar of political expediency. I have spoken and I challenge you, my fellow countrymen and women to also speak against these growing acts of lawlessness which has the potential of eroding all the gains we have made as country over the past 60 years of nationhood. The sweat and toil of our forebears, who sacrificed their lives for this nation, would never forgive this generation of ours if we destroy this country. Our country cannot go back to those dark days. Never, Never, Never and Never again. The cry of a citizen not a spectator.

Assalamu alaikum

Yours in service of NPP and country,

Iddi Muhayu-Deen

NPP Youth Activist/Social Commentator


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