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Ghanaian Girls And Their Stereotyped Qualities (Relationship-Wise)   
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There are various kinds of
girls, usually a Ghanaian girl is
described by where she comes
from. Tribalism is a big deal in

Mostly some tribes are
not allowed to marry from
some tribes and it’s because
of the rumored stereotype
associated with the tribe.
For instance, Ashanti people
are strict on who their natives
marry. The first question that
two people planning to marry
are asked is “where is your
partner from” as it plays a
very vital role in the marriage
I’m not a tribalistic person, I
personally don’t discriminate
when it comes to girls, at the
end of the day we are all
Ghanaians or Africans. In
Ghana, every girl has a
stereotyped quality. These
qualities range from their
fashion sense, romance,
cooking skills, general behavior
and a lot more.
Some of these stereotypes are
not true as much as most of
them are true. Some are
made-up by men. Let’s take a
look at various Ghanaian girls,
where they are from and their
stereotyped qualities where
relationship is concerned.
Let’s walk.

Women from the Northern
parts of Ghana seems to be
left out of the modern Ghana.
They are still bent on their
cultural beliefs. They are
hardworking and will do the
unthinkable to survive. They
are highly faithful as voodoo
works effectively where they
are from, one could die from
Northerners don’t usually
marry from outside their tribes,
they are stuck with their men
as they understand them
better. They don’t mind being
a rich man’s 15th wife. They
are very fertile and could give
birth to more than 10 kids.
When it comes to fashion, you
can count them out and they
won’t be mad at you.

Kwahu women are very
supportive, they don’t mind
giving their boyfriends/
husbands their last money and
starve. They will do anything
for people to rate their
relationships high. They are
also “pleasers”, good cooks
and money lovers. They are
also serious business-minded
women. They will do anything
to get by.

When it comes to fashion,
Ashanti women comes first,
they know how to go with
time where fashion is
concerned. They are the best
cooks. An Ashanti girl will kill
to marry a “BORGA (A man
who has stayed abroad)”.
According to the stereotypes,
Ashanti women are faithful but
if you cheat on her, she will
invite you to her wedding the
following week.
They are excellent at
relationship investigations, no
matter how much a “playa”
you are, you will be caught.
They act “mpanyinsem
(someone who acts older than
their age)” and believe in
royalty like their lives depend
on it. Most Ashanti women will
settle for a rich man or a
popular man. Most Ashanti
women are not romantic and
are natural “pleasers”, they
marry for the name and the
honor, no love needs to be
involved. Sexually, they will
please their husband even
without them enjoying it.
Marriage means everything to
Ashanti women.

Ga girls are actually terrible
according to the stereotypes.
They are loud and dirty (sorry
to say), they don’t mind
staying in dirty surroundings
(mostly sea-side). They are
mostly uneducated and they
don’t give a hoot about
progress in life. Ga girls are
natural troublemakers and can
make you not want to come
home after work.
They are also noted to be
cheats. They could cheat on
you with your friend, brother
and even father (that is what
we heard). They can’t cook to
save their lives and are also
habitual gossips. Talking about
progress, a typical Ga girl
doesn’t mind sleeping in the
same room with you, your
mother and father. They are
not shy and don’t mind
disgracing you in public for
whatever reason. They are the
ones who would usually force
pregnancy on you just to be
your by-force wife or just to
have an “outdooring
ceremony” as it’s a big deal
for Ga women.

Fante girls are highly-learned
and sophisticated. They are
smart and usually know what
they are about in their lives.
They often end up in high
positions at work or in
government. In relationships,
Fante girls are “wifey
materials”, knows how to keep
a relationship. They are great
at sex, if you don’t mind as a
man, they can “get jiggy” with
you 24/7. They are the best
cooks among Ghanaian
women, they can actually use
all your income to prepare the
richest foods you can think of.

Hausa girls are mostly
Muslims, they are very
beautiful but when it comes to
sophisticated or modern
fashion, count them out, they
can’t dress to save their lives
but it’s attributed to their
religion and beliefs. They know
how to cook very well and for
reasons best known to them,
they hate KISSING (maybe it’s
against Islam).
One good thing about Hausa
women is, they keep their
“down there” clean, no bad
odor down there. They are not
the best in bed but will please
you and are mostly not

According to legend, the great
Okomfo Anokye cursed Krobo
women that they will be
harlots and it seems the curse
worked as it is often
stereotyped that Krobo girls
are freaks in bed. Many also
say that, no matter how you
satisfy a krobo girl in bed, she
will still cheat, she could
actually cheat with your
brother and your father. They
are not the best cooks, love
money more than their lives
and can actually kill you with
great sex. No matter when you
want it, you will get it, you
can trust a krobo girl to deliver

Ewe girls are mostly light-
skinned, they are very
common in the capital city of
Ghana, Accra. Ewe women are
very beautiful and mostly work
in offices as secretaries and
receptionists. In a relationship,
Ewe women are known to be
good cooks, great in bed (can
rock you non-stop sexually).
Because of the rumored
affiliation and believe in
voodoo among Ewe’s,
breaking up with them might
not be a wise-decision as it is
believed that Ewe women
could end your life (this is a
joke actually).

Remember, none of these is
to be taken to heart, they are
stereotypes and can be true
or not based on a person’s
personal experience with
them. These qualities can
vary based on individual
experience, you can’t and
shouldn’t judge a person by
where they are from. Is this
list true? Have you had any
experience with any of these
women and the had these
qualities? Let us know. Once
again, we didn’t make these
up, they are STEREOTYPES.
Wikipedia or google it if you
don’t understand.

Source: abodieblog.wordpress.com

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