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Ways To Control Appendicitis
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Our body is amazing and yet there are parts of it that serve no purpose except causing us pain. The appendix is one such vestigial organ in the human body. If you have full-blown appendicitis, where there is no chance of cleansing the appendix, surgery is inevitable, however before you get a full blown appendicitis, there are simple home remedies that can control your probability of developing appendicitis.

These remedies are only suitable for controlling appendicitis that is in its initial stages. If your condition is aggravated, there is no way these home remedies can give you any relief. Besides, in many cases, these remedies turn out to be only temporary relief and the pain and all the other symptoms recur. The best way to avoid getting appendicitis is to eat plenty of fiber and roughage that will prevent your intestines from getting clogged up.

Whole Wheat
Wheat is a popular carbohydrate. However, we tend to eat the pristine white, refined flour more than the slightly grainy whole wheat flower. Refined flour is devoid of roughage, so eating too much of this kind of flour leads to constipation. Whole wheat flour is available in supermarkets and can be used to bake bread or loaves. The sterilised bran obtained from wheat can be added to refined flour to make healthier, more roughage containing bread. Brown breads are made from whole wheat flour, so switch to these instead of white bread.

Ginger is one of the most versatile home remedies as it has medicinal properties that can be used to treat many disorders. If you feel nauseated due to your appendicitis, ginger is particularly helpful. It has a sharp, palate cleansing taste, which suppresses feelings of nausea and also relieves pain. You can slice up a piece of ginger and eat these raw in the morning. You can also use it generously in the food you eat. Rustle up a healthy fruit salad and add candied ginger to it to get a healthy dose of fiber as well as ginger. However, if you also have the problem of acid reflux, do not eat more than one gram of ginger a day.

Vegetable Juices:
Drinking small amounts of vegetable juice can help combat the symptoms of appendicitis. Carrot juice is especially helpful in alleviating pain and fighting the infection. Appendicitis is caused due to backing up of waste matter in your body and a great way to flush that out is by drinking lots of water. A cleanse diet is often recommended for appendicitis where you just drink water and fruit and vegetable juices for a couple of days. These flush out all the toxins from your body and waste that have been accumulating due to constipation. If you can follow this routine long enough, you can even get cured without surgery.

This pretty wild green plant is thought to be pretty to look at but it has great medicinal properties and is tasty to eat as well. Its anti-oxidant properties help appendicitis treatment and its roots and shoots are loaded with vitamins and minerals. The abundant potassium present in the plant helps in detoxifying the body. Young shoots can be chopped and added to salads and sandwiches. After flowering, the plants turn bitter, so if you eat dandelions at this stage, blanch them a couple of times to reduce the bitterness. You can also steam and sauté them with other vegetables. The French have a more sophisticated way of eating dandelions—the crème de pissenlits or cream of dandelion soup. You can find recipes on the internet and make an interpretation of your own to make a delicious and healthy dandelion dish.

15. Honey and Lemon:
Honey and lemon are really good in mobilising your bowels and relieving constipation, which eventually helps in mitigating appendicitis symptoms too. Buy organic honey because the other kind is loaded with artificial sweeteners. You can mix a tablespoon of honey with the juice of one lemon and drink this liquid. It has a really strong taste and if you want, you can mellow it down with warm water. It is best to drink this solution in the morning.
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