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STATEMENT: NDC's Quality Education Vrs NPP's Azaa 419 Free SHS Education
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(L-R) Kobby Acheampong, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, Fifi Kwetey, Dr. Omane Boamah, Felix Kwakye Ofosu and Richard Quashigah
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NDC Forum For Setting The Records Straight

NDC's Quality Education Versus NPP's Azaa 419 Free SHS Education

Thank you once again our friends of the media for accepting yet another invitation to our series of Setting The Records Straight Press Conferences.

A couple of weeks ago we took an extensive look at the issue of the credibility of the promises that are flying around as the campaign intensifies. We urged that the issue of track record and credibility be considered paramount. We stressed that promises are easy to make and so what really matters is not the promises being made but the credibility of the parties making these promises. We therefore took a good look at the track record of the NDC and the NPP in the area of commitment, capacity and competence towards achieving economic transformation. The verdict was beyond doubt- NPP falls flat on the floor while NDC stands tall.

In the process, we also threw a simple challenge to the NPP. We asked them to simply point out one Complete and Visible Infrastructure they used the 750m dollars for. This is a simple question that requires a simple answer. We asked that they show us just one completed road; one completed railway line; one completed hydro dam or thermal plant etc. They have still not been able to answer this simple question. Instead they have resorted to personal insults and character assassination hoping that this will save their embarrassment.

We are not moved by the insults. We are focused on the issue. Instead of the NPP getting into a frenzy, and start attacking us for asking this simple question, they should just take up the challenge and point out one Single Visible and Completed infrastructure. It is only when one is losing the debate that one resorts to personal attacks instead of making cogent and convincing responses to the issues that have been raised. In the ring, it is only the losing boxer who resorts to the throwing of low blows.

As earlier promised, we want to now throw our searchlight onto the educational platform of the NDC and the NPP. We want to examine the key ideas of the NDC and the NPP in the area of education.

We hope to establish beyond doubt that in this area as well, the NDC is superior to the NPP. We want to let you see that our platform shows more competence, has more credibility, demonstrates more compassion for the underprivileged. In short we want to show that the future of the education of Ghanaian children is far safer in the hands of the NDC than the NPP.

NDC's Educational Policy Is More Competent and Well Thought Out

The National Democratic Congress has stated emphatically that Access to Quality education is the most critical need facing education in our country. The NDC has explained that in the light of resource constraints that face Ghana, just like other developing countries, our foremost attention must be on channeling resources to improve the quality of education and access to quality education. NDC has stated that, given the resource constraints facing all sectors of our country making it impossible to do all things in all sectors at the same time, the issue of cost, important though it is, must not take precedence over access to quality education. To the NDC, when it comes to the issue of Cost, it must first be made fully free at the basic level-the root of the educational tree- before progressively being made free at the higher levels subject to resource availability. NPP's position can be summed up in the clarion call of free SHS now.

Now let's examine the two positions.

NPPs belief that the biggest problem facing the educational sector in Ghana today is the cost of second cycle education shows the complete lack of understanding by the NPP. Any elementary analysis of the educational situation in Ghana will reveal that the most critical factor facing the sector is Access to Quality education. Cost of education is important but is not the number one consideration.

Has the NPP bothered to know why so many parents in Ghana are willing to do everything possible to move their children out of relatively inexpensive basic schools into very expensive schools? The reason is because those parents know that about 99% of the pupils who gain entrance into the top 52 Senior High Schools in Ghana come from relatively more expensive private basic schools. And those parents also know that entrance into those top 52 schools enhances the chances of progression of their children to the tertiary level. So to these many parents, their number one priority is for their children to gain access to schools that have quality education even if it means they have to pay more. And we are not talking about just rich parents but parents who will ordinarily have preferred relatively cheaper public schools but are more than willing to sacrifice all they have to secure the educational future of their children by paying more for access to quality education.

So how come the NPP is ignorant of this obvious reality? Is it not shocking that a serious political party will fail to appreciate the obvious fact that even poor parents will rather sell their property to enable their dear children have access to quality paying education rather than keep their children in schools that are free but where quality is not high enough? This is the first level of incompetence of the NPP. The NDC, like the parents in Ghana, is spot on in identifying the most critical issue affecting education in Ghana-access to quality rather than cost.

NPP's case becomes even more precarious and comical upon the realization that the party does not even have any idea what the cost estimate of their basic free SHS education is. The NPP candidate embarrassed Ghana in front of a global audience when it became all too clear that he had not the faintest idea about how much his party's proposal will cost the people of Ghana. He dodged the issue by claiming that he will first announce the details to the people of Ghana as if the people of Ghana were not part of the global audience that was monitoring his program on BBC.

Then when he had the opportunity in Ghana, he comes up with a "Huhudious" 78m cedis a year cost for the free SHS program- which translates into a paltry 34 cedis cost of SHS education per student in the first year of implementation. Then when his team realizes how ridiculous this was, they dispatch Prof Gyan Baffour to attempt a face saving exercise with the explanation that the 78m is not for a whole academic year but only for one term-which makes it 234m cedis a year. Then we have the NPP so called Think Tank group, Danquah Institute, claiming that Akufo Addo based his 78m on only 60 percent student intake so the recalculation should factor in the remaining 40 percent. This would now make the cost 129m cedis a year.

Ladies and gentlemen, which is which? Why are they confusing the people of Ghana? So confused is their position that their hapless and beleaguered communication director, Nana Akomea, had no option but to confess that he frankly did not know how much the cost of the proposal is. We wonder whether he now has a clearer idea about the cost. It's been several weeks since this comedy of errors took place. The country still does not know what their estimated cost is. And yet they are busy singing and dancing Free SHS all over the place when they don't even have an idea what the cost is.

What a party? And this is supposed to be a serious political party asking for a mandate to govern? And they cannot tell the people of Ghana the cost of their so called flagship proposal.

The future of our children's education is not safe in the hands of this confused and incompetent people.

The third area that exposes their incompetence is their simplistic thinking that all that the free SHS involves is the payment of lodging and boarding fees and textbooks.

Our NPP friends, in their haste to play to the gallery and do a 419 scam on the people of Ghana forgot completely to take into account the fact known to all experts in education that the number of pupils from JHS ready to enter the SHS is more than the existing facilities can accommodate.

For example this year alone, 376,859 candidates sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) to fill 175,000 vacancies in the existing SHS schools nationwide. This means that a staggering 201,000 pupils are unable to gain admission into the SHS.

In the view of the NPP the solution to this problem facing secondary education in our country is to make SHS free.

Ladies and gentlemen, you see the tragedy Ghana is dealing with! You see the gross incompetence we are contending with! It does not take rocket science to realize that the most important problem facing the 201,000 pupils is not the cost of secondary education but their inability to enter the SHS because of infrastructure deficit-which includes classroom blocks, dining halls, assembly halls, laboratories, Information Communication Technology facilities. The other equally important issue is to increase the number of qualified teachers, their emoluments and accommodation, and the cost of additional teaching materials.

NPP obviously does not understand this. Just as they have no idea what the cost is, they have not even bothered to factor all these additional costs in engaging more teachers, providing accommodation for them, and providing extra dormitories, classrooms, assembly halls, laboratories into their cost build up.

So even in the computation of their cost, they show their monumental incompetence in not realizing that free SHS is not just about feeding and boarding fees but incorporates so much more.

And this is supposed to be a serious political party! This is a group of people wanting to govern Ghana again! And they don't know these simple things! God have mercy on Ghana!

The cost of additional classroom blocks alone needed to cater for the free SHS the NPP is talking about in the first year, according to informed sources, stands at 1.37 billion cedis. And this does not include the boarding fees, or new dormitories, assembly halls, teachers accommodation, laboratories, salaries for the higher number of teachers needed etc.

Does the NPP understand any of this? Obviously no! How can they, when they cannot tell even the basic cost of their SHS. Besides, they are too busy singing and dancing themselves into a frenzy with their Free SHS, to even have time to understand these fine details.

When will the NPP become serious and realize that the future of our children's education is serious business and not a concert party!

Another area where NPPs incompetence is demonstrated is their proposal as to how they plan to fund this free SHS proposal.

Let us examine one of the main ways they claim they will fund the free SHS.

The NPP claims that resources being ceded to GNPC would be used to fund their free SHS. First of all, has Nana Akuffo Addo bothered to study the Petroleum Revenue Management Act which his own minority parliamentarians worked hard to pass into law? Which of the resources of GNPC does the NPP want divert into its Azaa Free SHS? Is it the equity financing he wants to appropriate for secondary education? Or is it the participating fees, which is 40% after the equity costs have been deducted?

Obviously the Akufo Addo led NPP thinks that the monies being ceded to GNPC are idle monies that can be diverted on the whims and caprices of the NPP. Are the NPP that incompetent as not to realize that equity financing requirements of GNPC are critical if Ghana's national oil company is to continue safeguarding the interest of the people of Ghana? Or perhaps they want GNPC to lose its shareholding so that one of NPPs private companies, possibly similar to the EO group can resurrect to take up the shareholding which GNPC holds in trust for the people of Ghana?

Or which part of participating fees does the NPP not understand? Do they want to take away the monies GNPC needs to pay for its cash calls, to continue paying for exploration, appraisal and production- activities that are critical for the nation if GNPC is to be an effective partner in finding and producing more oil and gas and accelerate Ghana's economic transformation?

How incompetent can the NPP be, not to understand these basic issues! O, NPP, why are you disgracing yourself so much? This is not rocket science- these are straight forward issues that can be grasped with just a bit of effort.

Legal Incompetence too?

We have seen the gross incompetence the NPP has demonstrated on the critical issues facing education in our country. So we all know that they are bereft of any proper ideas when it comes to education. But at least on issues of constitutional provisions regarding education, we expect Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP to demonstrate some knowledge. After all he is a lawyer.

It is sad that the NPP candidate and his team have also not realized that it is not just critical to have completely free education at the basic level but it is a constitutional obligation to ensure that there is Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education in Ghana within a time frame.

Do they need to be reminded that the drafters of our fourth republican constitution specified that this was to come into effect within ten years of the coming into force of the constitution? So if there is need to make education free, the first level to make completely free is not the secondary level but the foundation level- which is the basic education.

Does the NPP not know this basic fact? Or are they under the delusion that that the FCUBE has already been achieved and hence they can move to the next level?

Chronic Incompetence-NPPs Bane

So ladies and gentlemen, you can the pervasive level of incompetence afflicting the NPP.

1. The NPP does not know that the primordial problem facing education is one of access to quality education.

2. The NPP does not know the cost of their free SHS

3. The NPP does not know that the cost of free secondary education goes beyond boarding, lodging and textbooks.

4. The NPP Does not know that GNPC cannot be sacrificed without jeopardizing the future of Ghana's ability to find and produce more oil and gas.

5. The NPP does not seem to know that our 1992 constitution makes it obligatory for us to first make education at the basic level Free, Compulsory Universal before attempting to tackle cost of education at the higher levels.

From the foregoing, it is obvious that the NPP does not have a very well researched position and is completely bereft of ideas. They have shown plain incompetence. The sad part is that this incompetence does not seem to be limited to just the area of education.

Listening to Nana Akufo Addo, promising Ghanaians under the age of 18 that his government will exempt them from paying NHIS Premium is another example of gross incompetence given that, this has been in effect since 2009 and Akuffo Addo is still unaware. Not long ago, we also heard Bawumiah, NPPs vice presidential candidate state that the next NPP government is looking at providing incentives including duty free imports on equipment that would support sectors such as agriculture, education, health, ICT, construction and manufacturing.

The NPP and its leaders like Bawumiah don't seem to know that the countrys tariff structure for imports already has Agriculture and Industrial Machinery, Solar, Wind and Thermal Generating Set, Electrical Generating set 375 KVA, Solar Cells and Panels including Educational Materials attracting zero import duty.

And these are leaders wanting to lead Ghana. And they exhibit this shocking level of ignorance! How safe is Ghana?

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, this must explain why anytime we of the Forum For Setting The Records Straight deliver our well researched, rich and logical press conference, all the NPP does in response is to do a counter press conference and scream Propaganda, propaganda. You must now appreciate why they are unable to respond with equally well researched, cogent and intelligent submissions. The reason is because the NPP is just incompetent to the core. They are too lazy and too bereft of ideas to offer sound, well researched and weighty substance in response. So they take the lazy road of simply screaming propaganda!

NDC Offers A far More Competent Educational Platform

Ladies and gentlemen, let's now take a close look at NDCs range of policies on education.

First and foremost, the NDC unlike the NPP, firmly believes that the best approach to advancing the educational fortunes of our country is to focus on expanding the educational infrastructure of our country and thus increase access, invest in improving the quality of our education and thirdly to pay maximum attention to the basic level education- the root of the educational tree- by making it completely Free, Compulsory and Universal and subject to resource availability progressively make higher level education affordable.

Expanding Educational Infrastructure

The NDC, unlike the NPP, is conscious of the fact that 18.3% of children who should be in Primary school are not in school. 53.9% of children who should be in JHS are not in school. And also that the existing 8,557 JHS cannot absorb the P6 pupils from 14,360 primary schools. The NDC is also aware that same inadequate infrastructure problem afflicts the secondary and tertiary levels of education levels do.

Having competently realized this important problem, how does the NDC approach the problem?

The NDC, in line with its tradition has aggressively invested in the building of schools- 40 percent of the 4300 school under trees the NDC found when it came into office have been replaced with modern classroom blocks. This has added up to over 400,000 children who now attend schools in properly constructed classrooms.

Another way this aggressive construction of new school blocks has helped improve access and raised quality of education is to eliminate the Shift System from the public school system.

Inspired by the success of this undertaking, the NDC proposes to eliminate the remaining 60% of schools under trees when it wins a second term mandate.

At the secondary and tertiary levels, NDC plans to improve access by building 200 new community secondary schools in districts without such facilities. Additionally, we have a plan to build 10 new colleges of education in areas with a high student-to-teacher ratio to produce more teachers for basic and secondary level, Expand facilities in established secondary schools to enable them take on more students and finally revamp, retool and expand all technical and vocational schools.

At the tertiary level, the NDCs plan is to revamp and expand all polytechnic schools, work with GETFUND, NCTE and Accreditation Board to build the capacity of polytechnics in terms of faculty and infrastructure for them to become fully fledged technical universities and following the establishment of the two universities in Volta and Brong Ahafo, establish a new public university in the Eastern Region too.

This is how a competent group goes about dealing with the issue of inadequate educational infrastructure as opposed to NPPs simplistic view that merely making education free at the secondary level will turn Ghana into an educational Mecca, especially when they do not even have a clue what the cost of their proposal is. NPPs case is truly pathetic.

Raising the Quality of Education

Alongside aggressively building infrastructure, the NDC also believes that it is pivotal to aggressively pursue the issue of providing greater incentives to the teacher-who in the view of the NDC should be in the centre of any initiative aiming to raise the quality of education. Through the single spine salary policy, teachers have seen their wages increase significantly, thereby boosting morale and lessening the weight of their own personal burdens and enabling them to better focus on their students.

To achieve further teacher motivation, the NDC in the next four years proposes to implement a diversified mix of incentives including housing, training and professional development; ensure early processing of salaries of newly posted teachers as well as placement of newly promoted teachers on their corresponding salary levels.

The NDC also plans to build accommodation in schools across the country to take in 20,000 teachers and their families (prototype almost near completion at HO Poly)

Making Cost of Basic Education Free First

The NDC, unlike the NPP, does not believe in putting the cart before the horse. The NDC understands that the when the foundations are solid then an enduring educational superstructure can be built. And this competent view of the NDC is in alignment with the wisdom of the framers of our Constitution which stipulates that everything must be done to implement a Free Universal Basic Education within 10 years after coming into force of the constitution.

So the NDCs position is that by 2016, we shall ensure that basic education is completely free for all, as the Constitution mandates. Ahead of that, the NDC plans to continue to review the Capitation Grant to keep pace with cost levels. NDCs strategy therefore is to adequately channel resources into this critical root of the educational tree with a view to consolidating education at the basic levels.

The NDC, unlike the NPP, possesses the foresight to know that when education at any level is made completely free, it brings in its wake increased numbers in enrollment which necessitates not just expanded infrastructure but also increased need for teachers. So unlike the NPP that does not factor these additional costs into its cost of Free SHS, the NDC makes adequate plans ahead. So to cater for the increased demand for teachers when FCUBE is fully implemented, NDC plans to increase admissions to existing Teacher Training Colleges and also establish at least 10 new Colleges of Education in the medium term to be located in areas not well served currently to deal with the shortfall in the number of teachers at the basic level. Additionally there is also a plan for a one year specialised skills training programme for teachers interested in early childhood development will also be pursued.

So, in this area as well NDC teaches the NPP the wisdom in investing first to secure a firm foundation before rushing to build. A study of Psalm 11 verse 3 will illuminate the NPP here. And while taking a look at that, perhaps the NPP might want to study Jesus' wise saying in Luke 14 verse 28 in order to understand the primordial importance of knowing the cost of a project before embarking on the project.

Strategy for Reducing Cost At the Secondary Level

The NDC believes that education at the secondary and tertiary levels must progressively be made more affordable subject to availability of resources. The NDC believes that it's possible to reduce the burden on parents for students at the secondary level in a manner that does not compromise quality and does not squeeze resources that could be invested at the basic level to comply with the provisions of our constitution at the basic level.

But the broad context within which the NDC plans to go about this is to continue to employ strategies that will accelerate the pace of economic growth and transformation of Ghana as has been seen during the first term of the NDC where growth has been high, healthy and sustainable ad opposed to the toxic growth recorded in the year 2008 by the NDC- a growth which was both unhealthy and unsustainable. NDCs view is that this rapid transformation of the economy brings in it's wake more and more jobs across the full spectrum of the national economy and alongside those jobs come significant improvement in incomes in both the formal and informal sectors.

In the view of the NDC, it is the pride and the joy of every parent to have a sustained job and improved real incomes so that they can proudly take care of the education of their own children. NDCs handling of the economy and the pace of it's aggressive investment in economic infrastructure will deliver this outcome in the second term and enable many parents to earn improved real incomes in order to proudly and happily shoulder the cost of education of their children at the higher level.

That said, the NDC is also conscious that there will still remain many parents who will take a while to earn the levels of income that will enable them fully pay for the higher education of their wards. So to cater for this, NDC being a caring social democratic party, proposed to standardize fees at the secondary level and to increase subsidies and bursaries especially for deprived families.

Ladies and gentlemen of the media,

A good analysis of the above clearly establishes the vastly superior understanding of the educational problem and a far more intelligent, competent and common sensical resolution of the problems facing education. It becomes almost embarrassing when one attempts to compare this superior proposal to NPP 419 Azaa free SHS delusions.

NDCs Educational Platform Is Far More Credible and Backed By A Solid Track Record

Now let us examine the credibility of the educational platforms being proposed by both the NDC and the NPP. We should remember our admonition at our last press conference that promise is easy. Any "idiot can make a promise" - apologies to Kwame Pianim. What matters therefore is not the promise being made but the track record of those making the promise.

What is the respective track record of both the NDC and The NPP when it comes to the provision of educational infrastructure?

Indulge us a little while we walk you through NDCs solid record and please don't laugh too much when you realize NPPs disastrous record. That's just NPP for you. Talk plenty, and do nothing. And by the way what an irony that the NPP candidate is calling the NDC a do nothing party? It looks like old age is definitely catching up with "Grandpa" Akuffo Addo. NDC is a do nothing party? Please take a good look at the real do nothing, non performing party-the NPP.

In eight long years, the NPP was not able to build even one public university in Ghana. The NDC tradition, had earlier established three public universities. And within this first term, the NDC has again built two additional universities.

So, ladies and gentlemen, while Ghanaians can trust NDCs promise that it will in it's second term provide one public university in the eastern region, they have every reason to laugh out loud when the Do Nothing NPP party comes talking about building any university.

The NDC tradition established seven polytechnics nationwide. In eight long years of the NPP, the party could not establish even one. So NDCs solid track record gives confidence and credibility to the promise by the NDC to revamp and expand all polytechnic schools and build the capacity of polytechnics in terms of faculty and infrastructure for them to become fully fledged technical universities. Ghanaians knowing the abysmal record of the NPP will be wise not pay any attention to NPPs promise in this area.

Between 1993 and 2000, the NDC built 110 Science Resource Centres. The NPP in eight long years built zero. Not only they systematically presided over the deterioration of the facilities they had met. In this first term of the Mills-Mahama government, the NDC has rehabilitated about 100 of these science resource centers.

So, why will the good people of Ghana believe any promise by the Do Nothing NPP? NDCs promises in this respect are golden because they are backed by irrefutable evidence.

The NDC has within three and half years, 2009 to June 2012, put up 1326 six unit classroom blocks across the 170 districts of the country. In eight long years the total number of six classroom unit blocks constructed by the NPP stood at 346.

Talk about A Do Nothing Party led by an incompetent and Do Nothing candidate.

In eight long years, the NPP in the area of three classroom unit blocks, put up a total of 236- NDC, despite the massive trillions spent on NPPs arrears and the single spine, still managed within three and half years to put as many as 429 schools.

NPPs Do Nothing Attribute

NPPs track record of Do Nothing is legendary. You recall how the NPP set a record by increasing the years of secondary education from three to four years and changing the name from Senior Secondary School to Senior High School. How many classroom blocks did the NPP construct to accommodate the expanded number of years? Zero. How many dormitories? Zero. How many assembly halls? Zero. Now you understand when Akufo Addo is talking about a Do Nothing party. He is talking about himself and his non performing party.

Between 1993 and 2000, the NDC tradition put up as many as 264 Senior High Schools. In eight long years all the non performing, do nothing NPP could accomplish is 19 schools. So the people of Ghana can trust NDCs promise of improving access by building 200 new community secondary schools, build 10 new colleges of education, Expand facilities in established secondary schools and revamp, retool and expand all technical and vocational schools. When NPP comes throwing dust claiming it plans to build 300 SHS, the children of Ghana will be justified, upon examining the abysmal track record of the NPP, to tell the NPP, "You can't fool all the people all the time".

The more one compares NDCs track record to that of the NPP, the more the NPPs record looks like an evil, pathetic dwarf- an evil dwarf that garguantually dissipated the precious resources of the people and has very little to show for it.

Nana Addo's Educational Track Record Of Deception

Many people in Ghana are today shocked about the fact Nana Akufo Addo is busy deceiving the people of Ghana and the children of Ghana that his party will make SHS free in the unlikely event the party wins in 2012.

We wonder why people are so surprised about the NPPs candidate deliberate deceit of the people. The man has a track record of deliberate deception. In the 2008 campaign, the same candidate deliberately and continuously deceived the people of Ghana that the NPP government had made education free at the basic level. All over the platforms in the 2008, he kept screaming free, free free basic education.

Ladies and gentlemen, was basic education free in 2008? The answer is a resounding No. All the government provided to alleviate the burden of parents was 3 cedis of capitation grant a year. But in the view of Nana Akufo Addo and his NPP, that insufficient 3 cedis represented the full cost parents incurred in the education of their children.

Nana Akuffo Addo definitely knew the truth but because of political desperation, he deliberately went all over the country screaming Free, Free Free basic education- Somehow believing the more loud he screamed the more his lies will convince the people.

Even in the year 2012, with capitation grant going up to 4.5 cedis, with the distribution of millions of exercise books and school uniforms, the NDC government is honest enough to admit openly that education is not free at the basic level.

Ladies and gentlemen, please the NPP candidate right now whether the NPP made education free at the basic level. We will bet everything we have that he will still insist that the NPP made basic education free through the 3 cedis capitation grant.

In the light of this, one must start wondering whether we are dealing here with deception or delusion or a combination of both.

The happy thing is that while the NPP and its candidate was busy deceiving the people in 2008 that basic education is free, the good people of Ghana knew better and waited patiently to teach him a bitter lesson at the polls. And a shock he and his party received.

But has Akufo Addo learnt any Lesson from 2008? Obviously no! If he lied in 2008, one finds it difficult to describe what he and his party are doing this year. Singing themselves into a frenzy- convincing themselves that the deception that failed to work in 2008 will surely work in the year 2012.

Free Everything

How long will it take for the NPP and Akuffo Addo to start respecting the intelligence of the people of Ghana. We are relieved that the imminent shocking defeat coming the way of Akuffo Addo will retire him from politics for good. Because it will be too frightful if he should re emerge on the scene in 2016- we will not be surprised if at that time as President Mahama intimated, Nana AKuffo Addo may start promising free transport, free food, free houses for everybody, free water, free electricity and maybe even forget the free gift of air God has given us- and capped it all with free air for everybody.

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, if the people of Ghana thought that All Die Be Die was a dangerous clarion call of political desperation, it is fast emerging that the clarion call "All Lie Be Lie- At All Cost We Must Lie To Win Power" is becoming even more desperate.

Ladies and gentlemen, time will not allow for us to conclude the superiority Of NDCs educational platform by proving how vastly more compassionate to the needs of the poor and vulnerable our position is. A position which pushes for better conditions for deprived people by eliminating schools under trees, eliminating the shift system, building 200 new community secondary schools in districts without them, distributing millions of school uniforms and exercise books to the needy, expand the school feeding program in a way to cater more for more needy communities etc.

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, we wish to thank you once again for honoring our invitation. It is crystal clear from the above that the NDC has a vastly superior educational platform whereas the NPP educational platform can at best only be described as a 419 Azaa educational platform.

And the final word of advice to the children of Ghana. The next time you hear the NPP getting into a frenzy and singing Free SHS, just sing back to them a portion of Bob Marley's Babylon System- that goes like-

"Tell the Children the Truth

Tell the children the truth

Tell the Children the Truth

Come on now, tell the children the truth".

Thank you and God bless you.
Source: NDC Forum For Setting The Records Straight

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