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Blakk Rasta Apologizes For Slapping Wanluv Kuborlor But....   
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Blakk Rasta
Fearless and outspoken Radio Presenter Blakk Rasta host of Hitz FM’s “Taxi Driver” mid-morning show has apologized publicly for physically assaulting Rapper Wanluv Kuborlor.

The interesting episode unfolded on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” last Saturday when both parties told their side of the unfortunate incident after which they both gracefully apologized to each other.

Narrating what happened, Wanluv stated that he went for an interview last Thursday October 24, 2013 on Hitz FM Drive Time hosted by Kwame B and while he was waiting he (Wanluv) was standing outside the offices of Multimedia having a chat with Radio Presenter Doreen Andoh when Blakk Rasta came from nowhere to confront him about a long running social media battle between them.

According to him, Blakk Rasta asked him why he insulted his mother some months back in a YouTube video. Even though according Wanluv he didn’t remember insulting Blakk Rasta’s mother he told Blakk Rasta to apologize for calling him a cocaine user on Adom FM among other negative things before he would also apologize to him in return. Wanluv continued that they had some sort of verbal exchanges and tensions were rising so Doreen Andoh tried to intervene and he turned to Doreen to listen to what she was saying and Blakk Rasta slapped him in the face.

Wanluv admitted he also threw some punches and scratched Blakk Rasta face until on lookers came to the scene to separate them.

On his part Blakk Rasta confirmed the incident and accepted responsibility for first slapping Wanlov, but explained that he lost his temper after extreme consistent provocation and vulgar insults on his parents from Wanluv. “I slapped him, I’m not going to lie about it, I am not happy about it, I am not proud about it and I am very apologetic about it to the fans and everybody because Blakk Rasta has never been violent person”.

Wanlov also explained that it was rather Blakk Rasta who provoked him and that he did not expect the assault from the radio presenter. After several exchanges between the two live on radio, the situation was getting out of hand with threats of court and gang attacks setting in until Kwasi Aboagye, host of Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review, did a wonderful job by getting the two to apologize to each other and make peace on his live radio show.

They both complained having bruises on their body and are both seeking medical attention after the fight.

However, Wanluv has reported the incident to the Nima Police station that is yet to invite Blakk Rasta for questioning.

After they both apologized to each other on Saturday one would have thought that everything had been settled between the two dread locks men but we woke up on Monday to see along letter written by Wanluv to Blakk Rasta revealing a number of allegation against Blakk Rasta.

But Wanlov Wrote This Letter To Blakk Rasta After The Apologies

Wanluv Kuborlor
"You contacted me via Peace FM to apologize for slapping me. A slap that came unaware whilst I was turned away listening to a comment your colleague Doreen Andoh was making on the front steps of Multimedia, your workplace.

I clearly said that I had stopped many angry people from coming for you during this Peace FM call. When it was your turn to speak you turned the issue like I had said I was sending people for you so you were also ready to send your guys to me. The host caught you and pointed out your twisting of my words and intention. Is this apologetic behaviour? Or comprehension deficiency?

Your mother has never done anything bad to me apart from giving birth to you so I apologise to her for insulting her because she could not have known you would grow to be a pain to me and a few others.

As far as I know, you have not publicly withdrawn the cocaine comment by tweeting it like i asked because it has not come to my attention. I only accept your slap apology because you didn’t go as free as you might have wanted since my hands also had a few seconds on your face, but I cannot apologize for fighting back coz it was a natural reaction".

Now on to more issues:

1. You wrote letters to Bavaria to sponsor your Reggae event. Meanwhile you were calling the guys who brought them to Ghana cocaine users and strippers. Do you posses a shred of shame? Yet we went ahead to say that they should consider your proposal if it holds business value, but they said even if it did, they wanted to work only with artists we approved of totally. See how you dig your own pit?

2. You attempted to use Rita Marley’s name to go to Felabration by lying to the organizers that you were her 15 man band, unbeknownst to Rita, with the plan of calling her on stage by surprise when you got there. I thought you liked Rita Marley. Yaa Pono, EL, Lady Jay, Afro Harmony, Macho Rapper, Knii Lante & FOKN Bois were all invited there officially to perform. Yes, and FOKN Bois performed “Thank God We’re Not A Nigerians” to 6000 plus Nigerians and they sang along, laughed, danced and teased us back right after. We’ll put it on youtube just for you to watch since you were the first to speak against the song when it came out.

3. You uninvitedly jumped on Lady Jay & Afro Harmony’s stage at La Palm to forcefully shoot your video without permission because it looked nice to you. After you were told to wait till the show was over so you can use it for free, you pretended to agree and jumped right back on it minutes later. Opportunism has a new meaning with you.

Before stealing that slap, you accused me of thinking I am special, as if being special is a bad thing, yet you behave like you are over entitled and use insensibly forceful and crooked means to try and get things…the only thing that makes me special is truth. I do not trick or lie. I live my life as simple as I can. I did not come to this world to step on any toes.

What made you stoop so low to me to apologize since you claimed you will never do so? Was there pressure from Multimedia? Do not mind them coz they will protect their own. If you have not yet lost your job so far for your misogynic, racist, homophobic, sexist and violent views that you air freely on Hitz FM, a station that claims to be progressive, then you won’t lose your job even if I take Multimedia to court because realistically I don’t have enough money for that and we all know how our beautiful nation of Ghana functions.

As for the police Your colleagues at Multimedia that like you a lot, because of certain behaviour you have been exhibiting at work, advised that I report you to Nima police station right away so that they come and arrest you for assault…so I did…I went through all the motions required of me officially, but I did not “lubricate” any palms so I doubt they will come for you. If they do then be happy that at least some parts of the police system are still functioning.

If you plan to continue your attempt at being a relevant public figure then try and make some adjustments in your life and till the day you do so please don’t comment on things I or my people do, because I really thrive on tit for tat.

Oh wow…the police just called me…some parts still function!!!…they want me to accompany them to Multimedia to point you out and arrest you…I had to tell them that I am very busy and don’t see why I need to accompany them to come and pick you up. It will feel like I have also been arrested since it would be taking up time I can be using to edit “Coz Ov Moni 2″ coming out 23rd December at National Theatre ;0).

Is it true you asked King Luu to do some for you? hahahahaha! So pray thepolice do not come coz I will not stop them from doing their duty since it is a rare sight in my experience. And even though I have forgiven you for slapping me I have not forgiven Multimedia who made no effort to contact me and apologize for their employee’s assault on me on their premises whilst I was there in full official capacity.

I wish you all the best

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.com/Ghana

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