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Ten (10) Hilarious And Sometimes Annoying Things We All Do   
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Life is really interesting and this is captured all around us–by the things we do.

It can also be annoying as we have to deal with other people and events.

As human beings, we mostly complain about things that annoy us or break our back and then proceed to find ways to deal with them, irrespective of how irrational our solutions may be.

On the back of this, we’ve put together some hilarious and annoying things we all do–sometimes knowing they are stupid or do not make sense.

1. Calling Someone And Yet Hoping The Person Wouldn’t Pick the Call

I am sure we’ve all experienced this–despite it sounding ridiculous on the face of it. Sometimes, there are certain phone calls you cannot avoid making and yet you do not really want to speak to the other person at the other end.

Therefore, you place the call, hoping the beeping ends without the person answering it–then you can say, I called but you didn’t answer.

The relief that comes when the calling tone finally ends is priceless.

2.  Farting in the Midst of People And Praying It Doesn’t Smell Bad

Farting is a natural phenomenon and therefore unavoidable.

However, there are places you sometimes so wish it should not show its stinking head and when it keeps pushing the limit, you squeeze your butt and gently let it out smoothly and silently while praying it shouldn’t smell.

3. Seeing Someone Online on Whatsapp And Quickly Running Offline 

WhatsApp has somewhat become addictive and even if you’ve not received a message alert, you may sometimes just go on there to check what’s up.

And then you meet this one person you’ve been avoiding online–quickly, you close the app, hoping he or she hasn’t already spotted you. 


4. Giving Your Phone Number to A Person Knowing You Wouldn’t Pick the Call When He Calls

This is primarily the weak woman’s tactics.

Such a woman will give her number to a man instead of being firm and saying, “I am sorry I cannot give you my number.”


5. Knowing the Answer And Still Asking 

It’s pretty annoying when someone clearly sees you eating and proceeds to ask; are you eating? Or when someone sees you entering the bathroom and the person still asks; are you using the bathroom?


6. Watching A Shitty Movie And Yet Unable to Stop Watching It

There is no reasonable explanation as to why we all do this.

After concluding that a movie you are watching is useless, you will still continue to watch it–wanting to know what shyt thing will happen next. 


7. When You Hate Someone On Social Media or A Website And Yet You Can’t Help Yourself But to Keep Going Back to Check On Their Wall or Website 

There are characters like Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri of GhanaCelebritie.Com all around the world.

These people are super intelligent but annoying and they usually get on your never. Yet, you cannot seem to stop checking out their articles or social media pages to see the next annoying thing they’ve said. 

8. Last Minute Peeing 

This is not when there are no washrooms around and therefore you have no option than to store urine. Here, you may be in the house but doing something such as watching a movie or finishing a letter which you do not want to even leave for a minute to walk to the bathroom.

Now, when the pee is almost about to splash out; you run into the bathroom, sometimes even wetting your panties. 


9. When Your Girlfriend Begs You to Watch A Particular Movie With Her And She Ends Up Falling Asleep

I do this a lot to my man and I know he finds it annoying. Mostly, I bang on about him watching a particular movie I am told it’s awesome with me. And finally, when he agrees, 10 minutes into the movie and you will find me sleeping…


10. When Someone is Sleeping And Yet They Say They Are Not Sleeping 

For some weird and hilarious reason, no one seems to accept the indictment that they are sleeping–especially when you are on the phone with them or when you are watching a movie together. It goes like this; you are sleeping–Oh, No I am not–even when the person was snoring right in your face.

Source: ghanacelebrities.com

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