Togbui Gabusu Demands Justice

The Paramount Chief of the Gbi traditional area in the Volta region, Togbui Gabusu says he cannot guarantee the safety of persons who broke into his palace, vandalized and stole parts of his regalia.

He is incensed by the slow pace of investigations into the clashes that erupted between some Muslim youth and indigenes in the area a few months ago which claimed three lives.

He said peace is not enough, justice is required.

“What is annoying us the most is that some of the culprits, the initiators and perpetrators of the act are moving about on the street under the guise of having been bailed by the police. I cannot guarantee such people safety. “If I were them, for their own safety and my own safety I won’t come back here,” he warned.

Tobgui Gabusu said he has been left on the street when his palace is no longer habitable. “I don’t want to continue sleeping on the street because I have been telling them I have been sleeping on the street. My house has been vandalized and up till now I haven’t been able to have the opportunity to go there.

“Those things that have been missing, or burnt, stolen, we haven’t heard anything about it up till now. So how can the peace process go on?

“Nothing is being said about it and we say peace. We must talk about justice as well,” he stated.