40% Of Schools Under Trees Removed - Prez Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama has disclosed that over 40% of the 4,000 Schools Under Trees have been eliminated by the NDC administration.

He said this delivering his first State of the Nation’s address in accordance with Article 67 of the Constitution.

In what he dubbed a brief overview, President Mahama said the NDC administration even though was faced with some significant distress at the beginning of its administration, has been able to achieve most of the promises it made to Ghanaians.

Cataloguing the strides made by his administration in improving access to quality education, he said: “in line with our commitment in investing in people, measures were rolled out immediately to address these problems at all levels. Madam Speaker, I am happy to report to you that remarkable progress has been made. Four years on, about 40% of the over 4,000 schools under trees have been replaced… Millions of school uniforms, text books, and laptops have been distributed and we intend to work hard to replace the remaining schools under trees. With the implementation of the Single Spine pay policy, teachers have seen an appreciable upward adjustment in their remuneration making them better motivated than they were before…”

President Mahama, whiles commenting on the health sector, also touched on significant progress made in the energy industry, which has seen over 1700 communities being connected to the national grid.

“we have not only held down inflation and maintained micro economic stability, we have also worked hard to ensure discipline in government’s fiscal regime to avoid unbudgeted expenditures… Madam Speaker, Ghana over the last four years, has made tremendous contribution in the energy sector. The Ghana Police Service can boast of an Ultra-modern laboratory which helps in their crime prevention activities. Madam Speaker we have built 12 new hospitals, 15 new poly clinics and bought 161 new ambulances for the national ambulance service. The administration has worked relentlessly to give individuals and families access to quality healthcare…

Madam speaker I could go on and to speak about the gargantuan strides that this government has undertaken…we are making rapid progress as a nation…the success story of our country over the last four years would not have been possible without the full support of this house…even as we pat ourselves on the back let us not forget the work ahead of us. What they (Ghanaians) demand from us is partnership and not partisanship and that is the direction I believe we must take as a country…the state of our nation is strong…” the president said.