Peace Is Not The Absence Of Tension But The Presence Of Justice

Peace is not the absence of tension but the presence of justice. Where there is no justice we cannot enjoy peace. Heaven has its own agenda for a nation. Godís agenda concerning matters of the earth has already been determined, but it is carried out by human agents like you and I through our prayers and intercession. This is in order to determine that the right people are in position and come into divine alignment with the demands and the requirements of God. If we choose to hold back and not to lift up prayers and intercession, enforcing and super imposing the decisions of heaven over the decisions of the enemy and of men, then Satan then has the upper hand; and so our refusal to pray becomes suicidal. We cannot hold back and not pray because prayer is a vehicle that carries eternal decrees and decisions into natural manifestation. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my responsibility as a watchman of this nation to blow the alarm and call for the mighty men and women to rise up and take the battle to the gates of the enemy who is the adversary, and not to allow principalities to come to town. We cannot wait till December 7. It is said that prevention is better than cure and so we need preventive prayers against the schemings of the enemy and those seeking power by all means at the expense of human lives and the peace of this nation. We seek demands that God will disappoint and disenfranchise them. Our prayers permit God to come into town in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, so arise, shake yourself like the lion God has made you, roar the roar of the pride of a warrior, pray for the mastery of faith over flesh and cause Jehovah to intervene on the behalf of Ghana. Join us for the five day counter offensive underway at the Cathedral from 5.30 pm each night this week where we are dealing strategically with evil winds and the plans of the enemy. Blessings!