Like It Or Not, Big Brother Has Made DKB A Celeb...DKBs Babe WROTE

Greetings..... So yesterday was 6th May, the day the much anticipated BBA Star Game was launched. I'm sure by now y'all know my lover, DKB is the GH celeb in Upville, in the Big Brother house. Yes, I used DKB and celeb in the same sentence because like it or not, that's what Big Brother has made him. Let me just say that again... DKB the Gh celeb in Upville.... Eh heh o, now there have been so many sentiments in Gh about Biggie's choice (DKB) and I'm going to try to address a few. People don't understand why he was chosen, why no one else could represent Gh but him. Yes, their small minds do not get how an upcoming comedian/presenter could be recognized all the way in South Africa, to be chosen for such a prestigious position. Remember this saying, "A prophet is respected everywhere except in his hometown"? (Mark 6:4) Okay. Now these people don't understand this sudden elevation of status, so they hate. They say demeaning things about him, call him names. Like that's gonna change Biggie's mind about him. A certain girl i know even called him an idiot. "mmmm, agb3n33 aaj3" I can't begin to comprehend why these people are like this. I don't even want to. I just wonder when Ghanaians would fully support one of their own when something good happens for them. Let's not look far, let's just look at Nigeria. The support the Nigerians give to their kind is amazing! They support so much that we over here end up supporting them too. Their music, their movies, even their people! Now come back to Ghana. Tell someone you want to do this or that and they'll immediately give you all the possible reasons why you can't do it. I wonder if there's some satisfaction they get after discouraging people. If there's some kind of high they get from being so negative and bitter. And these are even the people who don't matter oh. You know how they always say "those who Matter don't mind& those who Mind don't matter"? Exactly. Cos on the other hand, the kind of support this young man is getting from some VERY important people all over just blows my mind. The calls, the messages, the prayers and all. Its overwhelming mehn. We talking international tings and you sit in Ghana and hate? Sorry to disappoint you but see, you're just wasting your time. Cos like it or not, He is already there and none of your negativity& bitterness can change anything about that! Love it or hate it, he's the one who has moved a step closer to realizing his dreams, to making something outta his life. What about you???? Suck it up bitches. Just Keep Calm and Support DKB. ************************************** Aloha! Been a while since i came here and no, the new baby isnít my excuse this time. I had exams and you know how it is with we Legon students and exams. Guess what my last paper wasÖ. Almighty Quanti! The most famous course on this blog. It wasnít that bad, it was actually pretty good. If Iím saying it was pretty good then you can imagine :) So third year is finally over. How time fliesÖ. I can remember my first year like it was just a second ago. Third year has got to be my longest and hardest year of Uni. Thatís another story to tell. I canít be happier that itís over and that I have just a year more to be through. The thought of never having to go back excites me! Iím on vacation now. That should give me all the time in the world to write consistently, so help me God. I also wanna start reading again. Sometime back, I could have received and award for the best reader ever but now i canít even finish a chapter of a book. Thatís how far away Iíve wandered from my first love and I am psyching myself to go back to it. I should probably stay away from all these series that keep me so busy, (Like i can). ********************* Iím really really glad to be home though, away from all the books and people my school is filled with. I love the peace and quiet here and all the love that surrounds me. I was thinking there should be hols for workers too, but then how would anything get done in this my country, where people can even create holidays for themselves when it rains? Iím looking forward to a great break and I hope i achieve all the goals Iíve set for myself. Cheers!