Woyome Paid Lawyers GH¢3.9m Cash

-Reveals Ray Smith And Says He Is An Embarrassment To NDC The 10-page ‘confidential document’ attached to a ‘secret letter’ and sent to President J.E.A. Mills, dated December 19, 2011 which was intercepted by The Special Investigations Team (SIT) of The New Crusading GUIDE apart from containing damning allegations against embattled Alfred Agbesi Woyome, the author also questioned his sincerity. Ray Smith, the author, revealed to President Mills that “In a written agreement it was stated that Mr. Woyome would represent our company in court and should there be a positive outcome then the proceeds of our part, i.e. 1/3 of the sum in question would be split in 5/9th for Mr. Woyome, 4/9th for my wife and I. Whereby 2/3 of the total sum would be transferred to the construction company”. When the Court decided that their claim was justified, according to Mr. Smith, they expected Mr. Woyome to fulfill his part of the agreement. “Only after many reminders and pressure would his Lawyer, Mr. Koka write to us and informed us what amount we had to expect. Apart from an enormous sum of approx. 3,9 million Ghana Cedis for Lawyers’ cost, an amount of EURO 2 Million was mentioned for “other expenses”. Touching on the sincerity of Mr. Woyome, he wrote “When we met him in February 2001 he was “Nobody”. He was riding on our back for many years, was given possibilities which he may have never had without us but goes so far as to declare that m-Powapak Ltd. is his company and we were working for him…” The m-Powapak Boss also told President Mills about the private life of his former bossom friend “…It was recently that we got to know the truth. Namely that Mr. Woyome was married to the Nigerian lady already in Libya and that he had 4 children. And that he married his second wife at a very inappropriate time. This is to show the character and sincerity of the gentleman”. “Finally I like to say that knowing Mr. Woyome so well it becomes very clear to us that he is prepared to use anyone and any situation to achieve his personal ambitions regardless of Party policy and sensibility. If he continues on his present path he can only generate more damage than good. He is so concerned with his own glorification that he does not realise what turmoil he generates and the ammunition he provides to the Opposition. Because he cannot keep his mouth shut he is far from being an asset to the present Government, only a source of unnecessary embarrassment”, Mr. Smith opined. NB: Read below for the concluding part of the 10-page ‘confidential document’ attached to a ‘secret letter’ and sent to President J.E.A. Mills.