Rawlings Should Keep His Mouth Shut And Hide - Kofi Wayo

The leader of United Renaissance Party (URP) Kofi Wayo has counseled Ghanaians not to listen to what former President Rawlings says because he has nothing to show since he failed to achieve anything meaningful in his 19 years as President. According to Mr. Wayo, Rawlings should keep his mouth shut and stop making unnecessary comments about the death of President Mills. “I don’t know what is wrong with that guy [Rawlings] but you people are the ones who keep urging him on. The [NDC] should have cut him off a long time ago. “He was a President for nineteen years, what did he change. If I was him I would just keep my mouth shut and hide. “What did he do for Ghana, we still don’t have water, light and factories and he is still not ashamed of himself and keeps talking. “He has been attacking this guy [Mills] from day one now he is dead, what is he going to do now?” Mr. Wayo asked. The maverick politician also expressed his regret in the death of President Mills. Speaking in an interview with XYZ News, Kofi Wayo said he feels bad about the death of President Mills and wishes him fare well adding that Mills will go to heaven because he was a virtuous man.