The Magic of Coconut Comes Alive At National Farmers's Day

Mary Hubert, the founder of Mary’s Virgin Coconut Oil (MVCO) dazzled patrons at the 2012 National Farmers’ Day celebrations by displaying MVCO products and by-products as part of the exhibition fair to mark the celebrations in Abokobi, Accra. The MVCO stand attracted several patrons including students, agric administrators, media and the general public who gathered to witness how much could come out of a simple coconut fruit. Mary explained the benefits of using Virgin Coconut Oil based on several months of research and her close association with one of the world’s leading experts on dietary fats and oils, Dr Bruce Fife, a certified nutritionist and naturopathic physician and author. The benefits of using Virgin Coconut Oil include Better digestion, More efficient thyroid, Healthier heart, Stronger immune system, Healthier skin, and Healthier hair and scalp. For folks who wanted to read more on the benefits of Virgin Coconot Oil and coconut in general, several of Dr Bruce Fife’s books were also on sale. Mary Hubert discovered the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil after painfully losing her mother to Leukaemia at age 47, and almost losing two of her children due to breast milk allergy. Her unflinching desire to get a natural lactose free milk, coupled with years of struggle in pursuit of finding the right product for her extremely dry skin led her to what she terms ‘an amazing discovery’. She explains: “It came as a relief and a life saver, having realized its countless, priceless and derivational health benefits, one cannot therefore blame me for my massive passion for Coconut. I further researched about this fantastic natural oil, if this oil is so healthy and common in tropical countries, how come they are not available in our local markets and supermarkets, plus people seemingly knowing nothing much about it. I was particularly faced with the challenge of sensitizing, educating and producing this oil, thereby giving birth to E.J.C.E. Company Ltd.” E.J.C.E. Company Ltd in addition to producing MVCO oil and body scrubs, also use the coconut residues for innovative by-products including Livestock feed, Insect repellant, Organic manure, Coconut shell charcoal, Handicrafts and leather works ( slippers, sandals ), Jewellery and accessories ( bangles, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, barefoot, key holders, coconut bra ), and Home accessories ( bowls, flower vase ).For more information on MVCO