Akufo-Addo Is An Unpatriotic Citizen – NDC Group

A group loyal to governing NDC, the FACTS FORUM has expressed disappointment and “repugnance” at NPP flagbearer’s “unpatriotic, war mongering and blood thirsty attitude exhibited at the final 2012 IEA Presidential debate”. The group claimed in a release that Akufo-Addo’s presentation on Ghana’s position to the Ivorian political crisis, amount to a “betrayal of diplomatic principles and exposed our dear nation to needless external aggression, in the full glare of national television”. Read the full statement below: 22ND November, 2012 PRESS STATEMENT AKUFO-ADDO IS AN UNPATRIOTIC CITIZEN!! The FACTS FORUM wishes to express her disappoint and repugnance at Akuffo Addo’s unpatriotic, war mongering and blood thirsty attitude exhibited at the final 2012 IEA Presidential debate. The greatest responsibility of every Ghanaian citizen is to uphold the image and integrity of his/her beloved nation. It is in the light of this responsibility, that national pledge implores us to be “faithful and loyal to Ghana our mother land”. This is a solemn pledge every Ghanaian one way or the other is supposed to have made to our dear country. Every school going child makes this pledge every morning and it is the hope of all, that citizens live by this solemn pledge. It is however mind boggling, how the descendants of the Danquah-Busia political tradition still operate with the same old crude political strategy used against Osagyefo Nkrumah during the struggle for independence. This group of nation wreckers has thrown this pledge to the dogs in their desperate quest for political power once again. As if Akuffo Addo’s call for war in the Ivory Coast crisis some two years ago was not enough, he has once again betray all diplomatic principles and exposed our dear nation to needless external aggression, in the full glare of national television. Mr. Akuffo-Addo criticized the NDC administration for not doing enough to foster good cooperation with Ghana's neighbors, claiming Ghana and the NDC government has allowed its territory to be used by insurgents to plan subversion against a constitutionally elected government in Ivory Coast. The FACTS FORUM believes that, this is the height of diplomatic recklessness ever witnessed in the history of this country. There is no doubt Akuffo Addo has become a diplomatic embarrassment to this nation. For Mr. Akuffo Addo, it does not matter the diplomatic repercussions of these reckless comments, provided it will denigrate President Mahama and enhance his political fortunes to make him win the elections “at all cost”. This amounts to undermining the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of our dear nation. Kofi Koomson could not have said it any better, “Akuffo Addo is a dangerous man”. Again at his dangerous best, Mr. Akuffo Addo was seen on television attempting to physically attack one of the moderators Mr. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah for not allowing him a rebuttal after he has given his closing remarks. If a man who is seeking to govern this great country can be so violent and intolerant in the face of no provocation at all, how safe can we be under his rule in the unlikely event that he becomes a President? How can we entrust the destiny of our country into the hands of this man? We were also scandalized and almost thrown out of balance, when Mr. Akuffo Addo made the claim that, it does not matter the percentage of oil revenue that goes to foreigners in oil exploration in Ghana. This is unbelievable! Lest we forget, under the NPP’s watch (when Akuffo Addo was a cabinet minister) an oil exploration agreement signed with a foreign company, gave only 10% to Ghana and a whopping 3% to two NPP officials. Is this a man we can trust with our oil revenue and national resources? This is purely a “munche endi’ and “chop, make I chop” mentality, as Hassan Ayariga would want to describe it! It will be dangerous for us to make the mistake of handing over this country to Akuffo Addo and his bunch of looters. The FACTS FORUM as a matter of importance, wish to call on Mr. Akuffo Addo to apologize to the good people of this country for breaching the national pledge and undermining the security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ghana. We also call on him to apologize to the IEA, Mr. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah and the people of this country for his violent and intolerant behavior at the 2012 IEA Presidential Debate. Signed: