A 2nd Term Must Be EARNED…The Mills/Mahama Record Is Nothing To Write Home About

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has reminded flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and President of the Republic, John Dramani Mahama that the country’s constitution does NOT give any party the RIGHT to a second term as he (Mahama) wants the world to believe. In his closing remarks in Wednesday’s second and final Institute of Economic Affairs Presidential Debate, President Mahama said: “The NDC government has done a lot in four years. Our constitution gives presidents two terms. Take it that I am the spare driver or caretaker. Prof. Mills, of blessed memory, started the process and I am finishing his unexpired term. I believe the NDC government deserves a second term to be able to build on the foundation that it has laid in these four years.” But the NPP pointed to Article 66 which states clearly that a president holds office for a four year term but can serve a second term subject to re-election. According to the NPP, it was disingenuous and a gross misrepresentation on the part of the president to have stated that the constitution guarantees every president two terms. “everyone who wants Ghana to achieve more MUST GO OUT AND VOTE. Our Constitution gives the PEOPLE the right to VOTE and choose their leaders, it does NOT give any party the RIGHT to a 2nd term as Mahama so arrogantly stated. A 2nd term for a party must be EARNED, and the Mills/Mahama record is not one worthy of continuing….We must CHANGE NOW and move Ghana forward,” the NPP said at a press conference held in Accra on Thursday. Read below the statement issued at the press conference.