"Prez Mahama Is In Court Because He Benefited From Irregularities; Nobody Is Accusing Him of Stealing"

A lawyer and a Member of Parliament for Bantama Constituency, Hon. Henry Kwabena Kokofu has stated that President Mahama is in court to satisfy a provision of the law and that the petitioners will not have sent the President to court if the law does not support it. He explicated that it is stated in CI that in accordance with Article 64 of the 1992 constitution, if a candidate is not satisfied with the presidential results, that candidate who benefited from the results is also taken to court; adding that the issue before the Supreme Court is basically about the Electoral Commission whose bad conduct is being protested in court. Speaking on Okay FM, the NPP MP said that President Mahama is in court because the law has ordered him to be there as a beneficiary of the irregularities the petitioners have labeled before the Supreme Court; in that the President is in court to back the declaration and that no issue of irregularities have been castigated against him. He reminded that Tony Lithur at the end of his cross examination asked Dr. Bawumia whether he has accused President Mahama of stealing and in view of that question the economic technocrat responded that the President benefited from the irregularities of the Electoral Commission. “The point is that some people still don’t understand the issue before the Supreme Court and that President Mahama is in court because he benefited from irregularities; nobody is accusing him of stealing”, adding that the NDCs understanding of the law is different since they believe that it is the sole mandate of the EC to declare results and nothing can change the declaration. He enlightened that if the Supreme Court’s ruling favors the petitioners, the position of President Mahama as the first man of the land which was conferred on him by the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan will change to the deserving person and he will seize to the President of Ghana because the Supreme Court is the final arbiter. In view of those who are propagating for the removal of the live telecast of the Supreme Court hearing of the 2012 election results litigation, Hon. Henry Kokofu said that the world is watching the court proceedings and so any intention to interrupt the live telecast should be refuted.