Akosua Ago Aboagye's ‘Abrabo Pa’ To Premiere On December 1

‘Abrabo Pa’ is a renowned radio program which has won the hearts of many in Kumasi on Hello fm, and now on Okay FM Accra, within the Ekwanso brebre program and has also gained a massive impact in Accra. Through "Abrabo Pa" many lives have changed, joy and strength have come into many weak and collapsing marriages, and real life experiences from the host and panel members have given hope to many career women and men. Abrabo Pa discuses topics like preparation towards marriage, how to have a successful marriage, how to deal with attitudes in life, how to have a balanced life between career and family, time and financial management, skin and hair care, proper dressing, table etiquette, color combination and all lifestyle issues. Our listeners have appealed to us to show the program on TV, so that majority of Ghanaians will also benefit from this great program. In view of these numerous appeals, producers of the show have decided to collaborate with TV3 to telecast this wonderful program on TV3. With a good panel, we seek to reach every home, divers people and different classes in order to touch lives and also project our sponsors’ products. Abrabo Pa Talk Show will be premiered on TV3 on December 1, 2013 which will fall on Sunday, at 4pm. The program will be aired every Sunday at 4pm on TV3. Abrabo-Pa Concept, the producers of the show, has promised viewers of the show an unforgettable experience that will change their lives for the better. Viewers will be inspired, motivated and encouraged to make better choices in life. Knowledge will be imparted, bad attitudes will be nailed in the bud, families will overcome their challenges, lives will be changed and hope will be restored. Akosua Ago Aboagye is the host of the show. She used to be the host of TV3’s AFA Program. Akosua Ago Aboagye is passionate about family issues and seeks to use her experience as a motivational speaker, wife, mother, Christian and a student of life to influence her audience positively. Akosua Ago Aboagye popularly called Akosua Nhyira, is an eloquent newscaster on Peace FM, Okay FM and Hello FM. Akosua Ago combines practical experiences with realities in life, to distinguish the program from others. Abrabo Pa is sponsored by GLICO GROUP OF COMPANIES, LEXTA GH LTD (PRODUCERS OF YAZZ PRODUCTS), DEEP NATURAL MINERAL WATER AND NANA KWADWO GYASI COMPANY LTD. Don’t miss an episode.