Lord Kenya's Prayers Does WONDERS For Accra Hearts Of Oak

After former hiplife musician, Lord Kenya, real name Abraham Philip Kojo Akpor, but now known as Evangelist Lord Kenya, had an intensive prayers with Accra Hearts of Oak which led to the latter’s triumphant match against Dormaa-based Aduana Stars, rumours are omnipresent that, management of Accra Hearts of Oak and the players are calling for Lord Kenya to become the club’s official ‘Spiritual Father.’ To establish the truth or otherwise in the grapevine, 'Ghanacelebrities' contacted Evangelist Lord Kenya; he said there is no iota of truth in the rumour making waves. “What happened was that I went to Domaa to evangelize. Coincidentally, the hotel where I slept was where the players of Accra Hearts of Oak lodged too. So I guess one of them knew of my presence and asked the manager to call me to pray for the team. As an evangelist who does not discriminate towards whom and where I preach the word of God, I engaged the whole team in strong prayers; breaking all strongholds! They went to play and came out victoriously. They scored their opponent – Aduana Stars, in their own home by 1 goal . Apparently, they had lost in their past matches but after praying with them, they scored their opponent. I’ve personally heard this rumour you are asking me but there is no iota of truth in it,” Lord Kenya countered. Accra Hearts of Oak won for the first time after losing both their 15 and 16 fixtures in the first Capital Plus League. Hearts of Oak pushed themselves out of pressure after recording a narrow 1-0 win over Aduana Stars following a threat from the Brong Ahafo supporters. When asked if he will welcome any such deal from management of Accra Hearts of Oak, thus, should they bring a proposal or contract, asking him to become the club’s official Spiritual Father, Evangelist Lord Kenya told 'ghanacelebrities' that he would not accept such offer. “Well, I wouldn’t. My ministry is very big. It goes beyond the scope of a team or club. Even if ‘Maame Water’ (goddess of the Marine world) repents and decides to come to me, I shall welcome her. The whole world is my audience for the work Jesus Christ has sanctioned me to do. Besides, sports in this country have been politicized. In heaven, there is no Kotoko or Hearts of Oak. We are all sons of God! Togetherness is one creed I hold very dear. Listen to one funny thing. When I was in the ‘world,’ I was a strong fan or supporter of Kotoko. I recall fans of Accra Hearts of Oak throw water and items at me at Kumasi Sports stadium during a match. But today, here I am praying for them. I decided to pray for them also based on the theme in Psalm 1:33.” Truly, sports in Ghana have really been politicized – Kotoko is to NPP as Accra Hearts of Oaks is to NDC.