Purpose For Reshuffling Regional Ministers Achieved – Malor

Senior Communications Adviser to the President, Ben Dotse Malor, says the purpose for the posting of Regional Ministers to serve in regions where they did not hail from, has been achieved in less than a year. This is contrary to suggestions the exercise, which the Presidency explained was to promote national unity and cohesion, may not have made any meaningful impact in less than a year. The Regional Ministers, who were shuffled in March 2013 to take up the posts, are now returning to their regions on the instructions of the President. They are to resume work on March 15, 2014. Speaking to the Host of the Ultimate Morning Show, Kofi Owusu, the Senior Communications Adviser to the President, Ben Dotse Malor, said the president’s latest directive asking the regional ministers to return to the regions they previously served, Mr. Malor said the purpose for which the regional Ministers were re-assigned to different regions a year ago, has been achieved. “If you look over the past one year and the performances of these ministers and their deputies, you would agree that across the country, they have done a good job. You will not hear a lot of complaints about what they have done or not done” he noted. According to him, the move, which lasted for just a year, has helped in addressing some tribal conflicts amicably in some parts of the country. He says the Ministers over the past year have performed their duties creditably as expected by the President. Mr. Malor said those who have described the move as betraying a certain lack of direction in President Mahama’s decisions, should desist from always interpreting the President’s decisions negatively. “It is the prerogative of the president of this land who has a better overview regarding the needs, the challenges and the most important things for this nation to decide when to reassign people and who to reassign and we must respect that “he admonished. The Communications Adviser also made a passionate appeal for all Ghanaians to rally together to support the President to succeed. He entreated that Ghanaians shifted focus from “the things that unite us towards a great future than that which divides us. The President means well and he deserves to succeed” he added. Further describing the intentions of President Mahama, Dotse Malor said, “he is not a reckless man, he is not a wicked man. This is a very caring, dedicated committed person and I have seen him work very hard.” He emphasized that he had seen “certain qualities in the man John Dramani Mahama that “he had not seen in many other leaders.” He declined being privy to another reshuffling of Ministers soon.