CHRAJ Boss Is "Competently Incompetent"..."She's Perpetrated Gross Injustice On Us All" – Franklin Cudjoe

Franklin Cudjoe, Founding President and CEO Policy Think Tank, IMANI Ghana, has scored Ms Lauretta Lamptey, Commissioner of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), zero as far as competence is concerned. According to him, “even her two deputies are far more competent than her…her own conscience should let her step aside before recommendation are made for her impeachment.” The CHRAJ boss stands accused of misappropriation and profligate spending. She has strongly denied the allegation and even described all her critics as ignorant of the nature of her work. Franklin Cudjoe, who is one of those calling for Lauretta’s resignation, says the debate would have been different and “no one would have complained if this woman was competent and working as expected. No one would have cared even if she lived in a five star hotel…” but “she’s been hugely incompetent; competently incompetent”. Ms. Lauretta Lamptey has been flaked by critics following revelations that over $203,500 has been spent on renovating her official residence. She is said to have spent an enormous amount of the commission’s scarce resources on an expensive rent apartment at the African Union Village and hotel bills while failing to effectively discharge her duties. As if that was not profligate enough, the CHRAJ Boss is said to have since August this year, moved into a hotel and paying the Cedi equivalent of $456.25 per day after the US$5,500 monthly rent for her apartment at the African Union (AU) Village expired. Speaking in an interview with Kwami Sefa Kayi on Thursday's edition of 'Kokrokoo’ on Peace FM, the IMANI Founding President wondered why Ms Lauretta will rather prefer to expend state funds on her lodgings in a hotel instead of fighting corruption. “She’s perpetrated gross injustice on all of us and it is just her because her other deputies, I believe are far more competent. At one instance she said there is no money for the commission to do any work on any corruption-related matter. But she has money and the temerity to move into a hotel…she never winked once at all these corrupt projects that were supervised in this country but she under the cover of darkness managed to move into a hotel,” Franklin Cudjoe asserted.