The Challenge Season 6 Here With A Life Changing Experience

Until he took the Challenge, Joseph Opoku was just another Ghanaian University graduate on the market to see what fate had in store for him. Coming from a family of limited means, though not poor and with younger siblings still in school, intelligent and ambitious Joseph had only two roads ahead of him. The hard and almost impossible one to higher education and the equally difficult one to finding a job in an economy that literally breeds unemployed graduates. Like many, Joseph had almost resigned to fate when on one of those nights while enthusiastically perusing the black and white pages of the Ghanaian dailies replete with stories of corruption, political repartees and irrationalities, saw the call for participants for the Challenge Season 2. “I almost overlooked it…I mean, who gives a full board post graduate scholarship worth over thirty five thousand British pounds…? I smiled and turned the page” Joseph with a quirky smile. Could you blame him? Reality TV shows in these parts have earned themselves the notoriety of not delivering on prize promises over the years so why should he not the page? “But after seeing the ads in two other papers that same evening, hearing about it on radio days after and seeing it all over the internet, I thought I should just give it a try…after all, what did I have to lose? I also thought it was genuinely the only platform at the time which offered me a clear blueprint to my career and professional development. So I took the Challenge and here we are today…” In April 2009, 27 year old Joseph Opoku entered the challenge educational reality TV show as a Telecom Engineering graduate from the Tarkwa based University of Mines and Technology. Today, he travels all over the world as the Senior Services Engineer for Ericsson Ghana with a lot of growth ahead of him. “ “The role technically involves design, configuration and integration of 3G in all the major TELCOS within the sub Saharan region… Oh trust me, it’s a very exciting career” Joseph. He is only one of many bright and ambitious Ghanaian University graduates whose lives have been changed for the best by the challenge. Joseph Opoku’s story could easily be your story.