Where Is The Future In Education…I Ask You Kay - Billie Klaer?

In recent times, it seems that the diaphragm of tolerance between religious sects in Ghana is taking a more tremorous trajectory. It is quite indecorous, to say the least, to attack school children for their respective faiths, no matter what side is involved.

In general, we see that education is for the betterment of civilisation and not for the stiffening of mentalities that will instigate disenfranchised sects to take the law into their own hands. Justly so, for it is in the derogatory submissions of bigoted elders and charlatan education officers that smack of gross intolerance, lies the catalyst for tremulous circumstances saturated with sentiments.

The dilemma is often in the horror of coming to terms with teachers who are quite bereft of social and religious courtesies. What kind of manners and sense of direction will they be instilling in the youth?

Children in the process of learning do learn everything. Teachers and parents are there to trim the wards so that they can develop healthy faculties to become responsible and non-violent citizens of the land. But what is Kay-Billie Klaer doing in this regard? Snippets of information, which we are gathering, point to a disturbing trend at that school at East Legon, in the vicinity of American House.

One of the administrators, recently, gathered fifteen or so of the Muslim students and heaped on them accusations of causing filth in the school because they are the only ones who would attend nature’s call and use water to wash themselves. To, even so much as further accuse them of littering pure-water sachets on the campus because of this reason is, purely, diabolical and derogatory. After all, is it not the practice today that people drink water from sachets and litter indiscriminately? So Madam what is your beef? Have you never done that? Don’t you have janitors on the campus to clean the filth that children normally would leave on the ground irrespective of their religious practices and faiths? Is it not better to educate them on the importance of keeping the environment clean rather than create resentment amongst them? They would have learned something helpful should you have had the wisdom to educate them appropriately as you are there to do.

Madam, if you have never littered, as an adult, anywhere, then make a declaration and we would call you a liar!

Though littering cannot be condoned, children must be educated to practise cleanliness rather than being discriminated against based on hate for a specific religion. Yours is not a missionary school but, even, if it were, no one knows it as such, so declare your motive. There is a teacher, according to some parents, who used to be veiled but your outfit threatened her with redundancy should she continue wearing it. However, because she feared financial poverty, albeit she is spiritually poor as it is now, she took it off and began adorning the unethical fashion of “apuskeleke”, to wit, skimpy clothing. Of course all that was to please you; but not everyone is willing to sell their religion so shamefully.

Constant bullying and castigation based on religious terms, most surely, would create the propensity for agitation within families and before you would know it, you are in the headlines for the wrong reason. You should be seen as a role model rather than a knot that posterity would have to bear the pain of unknotting.

So stop creating distress and rancour in your midst . A WORD TO THE WISE IS ENOUGH!