Jacob Osei Yeboah: New EC Boss Can Inflame Passions In Ghana If…

The appointment of a new Electoral Commissioner [EC] must be properly handled with care so Ghana will not experience another electoral dispute at the law court again.

However, Independent Presidential Candidate of election 2012, Jacob Osei Yeboah, also known as ‘JOY 2012’ has noted that, the 2012 election petition has changed the faith, trust and dynamics of Ghana’s long held view of elections since 1992.

According to him, persons tipped as possible replacement of current EC Boss, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan must have the requisite abilities to erase any doubt in the minds of Ghanaians of the EC’s office by politicians.

Not only these persons as individuals matter but the depiction of their perceptive personalities and qualities in the national discourse are key indicators to inform the President and the Council State of the choice they make on behalf of Ghanaians as mandated by the constitution article 70,” he said in an interview with Peacefmonline.com.

Mr. Jacob Osei Yeboah further stated that he disagrees with anyone who suggests a national discourse on who succeeds Dr. Afari Gyan is insignificant.

Noting that the powers of the constitution reside with the people and a listening President and Council of State will do a great disservice to the nation if they fail to take into cognizance what can cure the perceptive bad faith of the chairmanship of EC.

…The four personalities represent qualified deputies and with gender balance, what some term as Insiders. A legal brain and a neutral good governance expert of international recognition also perceived as outsiders in the discourse,” he said. 

He told Peacefmonline.com that, his preferred choice to be the next EC boss should be Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey.

Dr. Akwetey, until this discourse, has been passionate about good governance and his indelible work has been recognized in Ghana and globally. A person's destiny is in his purpose and someone like Dr. Akwetey who is highly respected by our chiefs and Religious leaders and most importantly political parties can be the best choice,” he noted. 

I don't even know if Dr. Akwetey wants the position or not and I have not phoned him to ask but I am stating my conviction for the choice and demeanor of the personality to steer Armageddon election 2016," he added. 

Mr. Yeboah lamented that elections in the world and Africa in particular have claimed precious lives, destroyed nations through wars and plunged people into deep-holed poverty.

The choice can endear a great deal of respect for the council of state, if it is seen as the best without partisan lenses but by the spirit and letter of the true meaning of government as entrusted privilege and respect for the sovereignty of the state which reside with the people called Ghanaians by the 1992 constitution,” he said.