Students Boycott Meals To Protest Promotion Of ‘Beloved’ Teacher

Promotions in any job is usually celebrated by well wishers, but students of the Bauku Technical Institute in the Upper East Region are upset that their favourite teacher has to leave them soon, and are protesting by boycotting their meals.

The beloved teacher, Jacob Felli who is also the Vice Principal in-charge of academics, has been promoted to the  position of Director of Education for Kasena Nankana Municipality. 

Even though the students want him to succeed, they say his departure will affect their academic work.

They reportedly tried to present a petition to the paramount chief of the Bawku traditional area Naba Asigri Azorka II about their concern but were stopped by the Police.

The Police say the students started chanting songs, dancing in the  middle of the Bawku -Bolga road and causing commotion.

Bawku divisional Police Commander  chief superintendent, Lovelace Tefutor said they refused to eat breakfast, lunch and supper and in view of that the Bawku Municipal Chief Executive, Bukari Issaku decided to close down the school temporarily until further notice.

All students were subsequently asked to go home until further notice.

When Citi News contacted Jacob Felli, he confirmed being promoted but called for calm.

According to ASP Agbanyo, the students did not vandalise any school property but the Police will continue to patrol the school.

This is the third school in the Upper East Region which had to be closed down due to students protest.

Some of the school that were closed down includes the Bolgatanga Senior High School and recently the Bolgatanga Technical Institute.