Photos: Subah & Collaborators Bust Sim Box Fraudsters In Accra

Subah Infosolutions Ghana Limited, working with the National Communications Authority (NCA), the telecommunications operators and the security agencies has busted the latest SIM Box fraudsters involving two suspects at a special operation at community 12 in Tema.

This brings to thirteen, the number of arrest made in the last seven months involving 17 people. Equipment confiscated by the police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) included;

The exercise is part of the special ‘SIM Fraud Triangulation’ project instituted in December 2014 to locate and confiscate SIM Boxes across the country. The project task force involves personnel of the NCA, the CID and Subah Infosolutions physically driving around with sophisticated electronic gadgets to locate SIM boxes.

SIM Boxes are illegal terminals for routing international calls to evade government taxes. Official figures from the NCA estimate that the country losses in excess of $40 million of taxes annually due to the activities of SIM Box fraudsters.

Addressing a press conference in Accra today, the Director General of the Police CID (Subah to confirm and provide name) said the department have and will continue to commit human and material resources to fight the practice, which he said had become a very lucrative for perpetrators.

He commended Subah Infosolutions, the telecommunication operators and the NCA for their support and promised the department’s determination to relentlessly deal with such societal miscreants who plunder the resources of the state for their parochial gain.

The Managing Director of Infosolutions Ghana Limited, Mr. Birenda Sasmal reiterated the company’s resolve to work with the state agencies and the telecommunication operators to ensure that individual did not benefit unduly at the expense of the country.

“The consistency with which we have performed our duties could not have been possible without the support we have received from these collaborators and we assure you that together, we will succeed and ensure that SIM boxing become history,” he said.