ECG Must Reverse To Post Paid If They Can’t Manage Their Pre Paid System

In spite of how conservative most Ghanaians are, compliance with ECG’s directives to switch from post paid to pre paid wasn’t much controversial. The program was invariably adopted and endured without question besides the poor public orientation and sensitization that was portrayed. Even though some areas are still enjoying the post paid system, affected communities bared with ECG’s reason that the development will help them to evenly alleviate any collusion between consumers and some unpatriotic members of staff as well as misappropriation of charges. It was also to help them to easily quantify their revenue and in turn, give back to Ghanaians, a commendable service. However, few years, down the line, it is palpable, judging from the turnout of the development, that ECG has mistaken the flexibility and leniency of Ghanaians for a fool, serving us with impunity. Since its inception, the pre paid system has exhibited disloyal and unreliable inconveniencies; opaque charges, inaccessible value for money in terms of durability after exorbitant charges, sudden disappearance and outrageous reduction of minutes immediately after purchase, removal of bonus minutes enjoyed by consumers in case they run out of balance at a very delicate moment, and the most enraging of it all is when you go to buy minutes and the frequent response given is that, there is unavailable network connection. In fact, this is medieval. Did they really plan before embarking on this project? It is very appalling that amidst unending energy crisis, intermittent network failures have as well become a hard kernel for innocent consumers to crack. We demand value for what we have paid for! We prefer the post paid structure if this perfidious service will be maintained. Something really should be done about the pre paid system except perhaps, it is a mechanism used by authorities to scheme their avarice.