Ghana On Time Bomb

Ghana is sitting on time bomb of terrorist attack due to money laundering and the emergence terrorist activities in the country, Dean of the School of Research and Graduate Studies at Wisconsin International University College (WIUC), Accra, Dr. Albert Gemegah alleged. According to him, Ghanaians have become endangered species since people could easily be lured into terrorist activities due to the economic hardship in the country. “It is very easy to lure people into it. Some people are very happy when they get 500 dollars because they could not imagine owning such an amount but the effect of that on us as individuals and nation is huge and we need to work towards it,” he pointed out. The Graduate Studies Dean was speaking after a Capacity Building and Awareness Creation programme on money laundering and financing of terrorist activities in Ghana which was organised by the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) and the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in Tema. He said that money laundering and terrorist issues should be approached in a systematic manner especially in the tertiary and pre-tertiary institutions where the topic could even be adopted into the school curricula for awareness creation to serve as a deterrent to such activities in the country. He stressed that terrorists who always want attention and recognition would do anything to get them. Touching on the modules of which people could be lured into such activities, Dr Gemegah advised that a policy should be developed against the use of the internet since terrorists do a lot of recruitment through the internet where they give juicy offers. He emphasised that universities should sensitise students to be responsible for themselves after school and dump the old idea of ready job for graduates to curb unemployment and the allure of terrorism“because terrorism and money laundering is not an issue of law enforcement alone but also awareness creation and capacity building.” “A lot of people walk around without knowing what the whole thing is about, what money laundering and terrorism is about. We should not take things for granted and say it is happening in Nigeria and other countries so it would not happen here.”