Christianity Is An Excellent Religion With Many Defects And Confusion

Even though it’s a step ahead among all other religions of this world, Christianity has many defects. In RESTORE Concept’s research work it was discovered that one of the defects of religious Christianity is conditioning of its members in their mind to pursue things of the world.

And this is not how God created humans to be in life. In that sense religion makes its people slaves to its system, thereby degrading humanity in this world. Surprisingly, Jesus who was sent by the father God to this world, did not come as a religious leader, neither did He join any religious body on earth. (Matt 26:61-66).

He was rather an opposition and an enemy to religion and its leaders during His time on earth. (Matt 23:13). His mission was misunderstood to be a religion but in reality was political because He said he was a King and kings are political personnel (John 18:37).

Be informed that the word political coming from the Greek source which either “politi” or “politica” means as selected group of people from the community to take responsibility of taking the role of leadership and to make the people lives better and protected via services they render. Don’t mistaken politics with corrupt and power abuse political leaders of today in this world.

In His first mission statement to the public he said repent for the kingdom of God is at hand (Matt 4:17). The word “repent” here means change your mind. The word “kingdom” also means a country and a government. “At hand” also means it’s here. So in effect the mission statement simply means change your mind for a country and a government has arrived or is here.

For your information, religion has been in existence before Jesus came and its beginning dates as far back as the days of the book of Genesis. Religion is the ideas and the beliefs of humans to get back or reach God following the fall of man.

But unfortunately the state of man after the fall has made it completely impossible to get back to God through religion. God, after the fall had arrangements for the restoration of man (Gen 3:15) but God was waiting for the fullness of time which lasted 4000 years (Gal 4:4).

This was what happened over 2000 years ago when Jesus arrived. Therefore the clear mission of Jesus on earth is the restoration of God’s project which man messed up in the beginning. And that project is the establishment of a country and government on earth but Jesus did not come to establish a religious system as it’s been done all over the world today.

In fact when Jesus made the statement “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail over it (Matt 16:18). The church Jesus talked about is not what is been done today. The meaning of the church Jesus talked about is from the Greek word “Ecclesia”, which has nothing to do with religion but rather means a Senate, parliament or a political body/agency.

Therefore the true mission of God’s children and those who believe in Jesus Christ on earth is the establishment of a country of God and the government of God in this world but not the religious ritualistic exercises and activities going on all over the world by Christians. Let the wise and seekers of truth that have ears here what the spirit of the Lord is saying.