I Am Not Soft - Ashanti Regional Minister

Peter Anarfi-Mensah, the calm and collected Ashanti Regional Minister has parried of claims by party persons and political opponents that he is “too soft” to handle a political landmine as the Ashanti Region ahead of the 2016 polls.

In a chat with the Ghanaian Observer recently, the Minister said, “you don’t need to be a rabbie rouser to prove you are tough but toughness was in the mind.”

According to him, the Ashanti Region could not have experienced so much calmness since his assumption of office if he was as soft as some detractors are claiming.

The minister maintained that he was focused in carrying out the mandate given to him by the President who found him worthy to handle such a great region as the Ashanti region.

“My brother I don’t think the president would choose someone who is that weak and soft as people are claiming to handle the second most populous region in the country,” Mr. Anarfi quietly but firmly noted.

According to him, the choice of him to handle the Ashanti Region is a testament of his mental and administrative mettle and was therefore determined not to be swayed by the comments of a few discordant voices.

The minister wearing an infectious smile opined the he was practically guided by the good manners taught by his parents and political mentors to ensure he was not swayed by the sentiments of others which would not engender good human relations with all in the region.

According to him, the values he consciously guards has enabled him to peacefully coexist with all persons be it those who are ideologically opposed to his beliefs and political party.

Mr. Anafi pointed to his impressive collaboration with the various security services and administrative heads in the region to ensuring a peaceful atmosphere these 8-months of his appointment as proof of his resoluteness.

He also pointed to the excellent support by the Ashanti Regional NDC executives as another reason why he has been able to steer the region smoothly, adding that he was convinced that this would continue until he finishes his term in office.

He mentioned that the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council was daily fashioning out plans and policies for its respective metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDA’s) to ensuring every part of the region gets its fair share of development as promised by the Mahama administration.